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Healesville Sanctuary Platypus Program

Healesville Sanctuary
Clarkee and Millsom 

‘Clarkee', the Clark Rubber platypus, is helping his brothers and sisters at Healesville Sanctuary by partnering with the team in funding research and development of the platypus breeding program.
Millsom recently met Clarkee and took a liking to him straight away!

Healesville Sanctuary was the first organisation to successfully breed platypus from captive-bred adults.

In December last year, Healesville Sanctuary welcomed the arrival of baby platypus 'Ember'. This was the second year in a row that the keeping team successfully bred platypus.

Healesville Sanctuary is only one of two institutions to have recorded breeding success with Platypus. In 1943, the Sanctuary hatched the first Platypus (Corrie) ever bred in captivity (an event that made front page news in London and New York). It took 55 years to repeat that success with the birth of twin Platypus in 1998 (Barak and Yarra Yarra), in 2000 (MacKenzie) and 2008 (Burran and Waddirang).

For more information on Healesville Sanctuary's platypus breeding program or if you would like to donate to Zoos Victoria, please click here...


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