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Custom Cut Foam

Custom Cut Foam

Clark Rubber provides customers with the unique opportunity to buy foam in different shapes and sizes.

Simply bring your measurements into your local Clark Rubber store and our expert team will assist you in selecting the best type of foam for your project, then measure and cut the foam to size.

When it comes to foam selection, it’s important we understand what your intended use is so we can advise you on the correct foam from our extensive range.

With the nation’s biggest range in store, each foam type is available in a selection of thicknesses, all aimed at giving you the best form for the job.

All Clark Rubber foams are “Ultra Fresh” treated for a healthier home. Antibacterial protection is added to provide protection for you and your family. Laboratory tests show that foam treated with antibacterial protection provides effective control of allergic and asthmatic triggers such as house dust mites, bacteria, moulds, mildew and fungi.

1. Take your measurements or covers into your local Clark Rubber store
2. Ask one of our specialists to help choose the right foam for your application.
3. Then we can cut to the size of your exact measurements.

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