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3 pool safety tips for your little ones


During the warmer months, there are few things that kids want to do more than jump into a swimming pool. Whether splashing, wading or swimming around, the pool environment can be a great escape from the scorching temperatures for youngsters. But how up to date is your pool safety knowledge? With these tips and the Clark Rubber SAFER (Supervision, Austswim, Fences, Emergencies and Rules) system, you'll be set for a safe swimming environment.

Pools are fantastic, but owners have to be careful. According to the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia, more than half (54 per cent) of the drownings involving children aged 0-4 years took place in a swimming pool. This figure was close to three times higher than the next most common location (lakes and lagoons). A total of 11 per cent of drownings involving children aged 5-14 years also occurred in pools.

Clearly, it's a serious issue that everyone needs to keep in mind when they install a pool at home. So, how can you ensure that your little ones are safe? Here are three tips.

1) Constant supervision

The importance of constantly supervising kids in a swimming pool cannot be understated. Most incidents occur when an adult is distracted or absent, so make sure you are keeping a close watch on your little ones while they are having a good time.

It is also vital to remember that even children who have had swimming lessons or can swim may get into difficulty in the water. As such, regardless of their swimming skills, infants and toddlers should have someone over 16 present in the pool with them at all times.

2) Enforce safety rules

Kids can get excited, especially around swimming pools. However, this is where they can get exuberant (as kids do) and potentially put themselves and others in danger. As such, it is critical to enforce rules such as no running, no pushing others underwater and no hitting each other with objects.

By taking a hard line on pool safety, your children will soon learn the boundaries and enjoy a safer pool environment.

3) Ensure fences and gates are compliant

It should be impossible for a child to get into the pool without the permission and supervision of an adult.

Before the pool is up and running, safety should also be a consideration. In Australia, it is mandatory for pools of 30cm depth or greater to be enclosed with appropriate fences and gates. However, the Clark Rubber professionals recommend fencing any kind of pool. This means it should be impossible for a child to get into the pool without the assistance and supervision of an adult.

At Clark Rubber, we have a lot of expertise working with pools. As well as making sure everything is set up professionally, we can help ensure you have the right level of safety for children. To learn more, get in contact with us today.

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