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Sleeping solutions for unexpected guests


Holidays: A time for relaxing. Also a time for unexpected guests. It could be a family member surprising you, extra kids staying for a holiday sleepover, or even a family friend that is invited at the last minute. Whatever the context, there is a good chance that most of us can expect a few extras at home these holidays.

So how do you accommodate them easily?

Guest bed solutions when you don't have a spare room

We don't all have a spare room for people to sleep in, which is why having a portable bed or foam mattress in storage is always a good idea. These can easily be pulled out to turn the lounge or living area into a sleeping space for unexpected guests, without sacrificing comfort.

For example, the Dalton Folding Bed and the 3 fold foam mattress both take up minimal space in storage, and are simple to fold out when required. If you have the floor space, inflatable beds are another solution that you can find at Clark Rubber, up to queen size.

It’s not just the mattress that you need to think of for unexpected guests. Make sure you have extra bedding as well. A spare memory foam pillow will ensure guests have a relaxing, comfortable sleep.

Guest bed solutions for smaller spaces

Even without a spare room, many homes have ample floor space in living areas to sleep unexpected guests. But what about homes that are lacking on this front? Small apartments, larger furniture sets and existing guests can make accommodating others a real struggle.

However, Clark Rubber have a range of foam furniture that provide the perfect solution for this situation. Convertible ottomans, fold out chairs and convertible sofas combine form and function, doubling as sleeping solutions that are perfect for small spaces. They are lightweight, easy to move and comfortable - exactly what you need when setting up beds for surprise guests.

Essential guest bedding accessories

Being caught without a pump for your guest bed will only add to the stress of catering for unexpected visitors.

If you opt for inflatable bedding solutions over foam mattresses and furniture, you will need to have the right accessories. Being caught without a pump for your guest bed will only add to the stress of catering for unexpected visitors. Clark Rubber stocks both hand and electric pumps, to suit inflatable sleeping solutions of all sizes.

Accommodating unexpected guests can catch you by surprise- but it doesn't have to be a problem. To make sure you are prepared for the holiday season and beyond, speak to the experts at Clark Rubber about the best foam and inflatable sleeping solutions that will work in any space.

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