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How do you keep Australian kids busy these holidays?


Who looks after the kids in your home during the holidays? The Australian Institute of Family Studies has found that while many people do get help from the extended family, it is, as you might expect, parents that do the bulk of the childcare when school finishes for the summer.

This presents its own challenges - namely, how to keep the kids occupied. Australian summers are hot and long, and bored children can fray the nerves. To solve this, the professionals at Clark Rubber have a huge range of games, toys and activities to ensure kids have fun and stay busy this summer. They will help kids stave off boredom, and give you a much-needed chance to relax.

Use inflatable toys for maximum fun in the pool

If you have a pool or spa and want to kill two birds with one stone, you can keep kids occupied for hours and tick off Christmas shopping by purchasing inflatable toys. From the family favourite Aqua Pony to fruit-shaped inflatables and ride on dolphins there is enough variety to ensure you can find something to entertain kids of all ages.

If you want summer holiday activities for the entire family, there is even an inflatable floating bar, an aqua hockey or a pool pong game that float in your pool. Whether the kids want to relax or expend some energy, there is an inflatable toy to suit.

Turn the backyard into a water wonderland for the Australian summer

If you don't want to install a pool, you can still set up your backyard so it entertains the kids for hours. If you have the space, a superslide lets kids run wild and get wet all afternoon. If they feel more competitive, the Wahu Aqua Mega Bow gives the children a cooling and challenging game to play with each other. Soak the soft foam arrows in water, take aim and watch them fly!


The Hydra Hoop Sprayer Sprinkler is perfect for smaller kids to run around in, and what kind of summer would it be if you didn't have some water pistols? You don't need a pool to have a host of wet and fun activities for kids these holidays.

Create an indoor activity centre for the young ones

If your home doesn't have a big enough yard for wet and wild activities, Clark Rubber still has a solution for you. The Clark Kids range of foam products will give young children hours of fun building or climbing, while Connecta Mats enable you to create a soft play area, which is great for homes with timber flooring.

No matter what kind of space you have for entertaining the kids this Australian summer holiday period, Clark Rubber has you covered. Talk to the professionals at your nearest store about how they can help.

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