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Camping in Australia this summer? Here are some key essentials

Are you going camping in Australia this summer? Here are some of the essentials to make sure you have the best time possible.

Do you love to go camping? It turns out a lot of us do. In the year to June 2016, as a country we made 11.6 million camping or caravan trips. The Caravan Industry Association of Australia remarked that there was a big surge in family groups heading out to sleep in a tent or caravan, as well as a surprising surge in people in their 20's.

If you've decided this Australian summer is the perfect time for your family to go camping, there are a few things you will need. Here are Clark Rubber's Australian summer camping essentials.

Lightweight, comfortable camping beds

Whether you are camping on your own, with friends or with family, everyone needs the right camp bedding. It has to be comfortable when you pitch your tent on rough ground, and also lightweight enough to be easily transportable. It should also be easy to set up.

Finding the right bedding is one of the essentials of camping.

The Eva Foam Camp Mat is a cheap, lightweight and durable starting point - especially if you are camping somewhere likely to get wet at night. Use it on its own with a sleeping bag, or place it under a self-inflating camping mattress for extra comfort and to stop moisture and coldness coming through. If you’re after something a little more luxurious, the Comfort, Comfort Deluxe and Comfort Premium range of foam mattresses are perfect, and come in a range of sizes, foam densities and thicknesses to cater for your comfort and storage needs.

For an easily stored camp bedding solution, the Boot Camp Mat can be rolled away and put into your backpack plus it is easy - perfect if you want to travel light.

The perfect Australian summer camping location

Where you decide to go camping is just as important as what you take with you. Will you go to one of Australian Geographic's "Top Camping Spots" like Bamurru Plains, Ryan's Den or The Grampians?

Picking the perfect spot is another essential part of camping in the Australian summer. For example, if your camping products aren't designed to stand up to wet weather, you won't want to go to the Tully Gorge National Park. Likewise, if you have a large family size tent, you should camp somewhere you won't be competing for space. Going in unprepared or picking the wrong spot is a common Australian camping mistake that you don't want to make.

A tent for all seasons

We all know how the weather can turn in Australia - and your camping inventory should reflect that. A tent with strong pegs and poles, a water-resistant fly and simple assembly can make or break a summer camping trip in Australia.

With the right location, the right tent and the right foam bedding, your summer camping trip can be as comfortable as if you were at home. If you need assistance selecting the right camp bedding, make sure to talk to the experts at Clark Rubber.

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