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What to look for in a cot mattress

A good quality cot mattress should have just the right level of firmness to provide your baby with a comfortable and safe place to sleep. 

Choosing the right type of mattress for a baby cot is one of those things that parents can spend a lot of time on. And rightly so. Ensuring your baby has the best possible sleeping arrangement is important not only to help them (and you) sleep better, but also to reduce any potential health risks associated with poor quality bedding.

What makes a good quality cot mattress?

Generally speaking, a good quality cot mattress will be built in such a way as to provide just the right balance between comfort and safety. While it is important to make a cot comfortable, it is imperative that the mattress surface is reasonably firm - bedding that is too soft can be a serious health and safety hazard.

The ideal cot mattress should offer just the right amount of firmness to be both comfortable and safe.

Another key factor you should look for is whether the mattress will fit nicely into the baby's cot. Cots come in all forms and sizes, especially if they've been custom-made. Measure its dimensions so you know whether a standard size mattress will fit or if you need a custom-cut foam product. A perfectly fit mattress is vital - raised edges or gaps may cause a baby to roll or get stuck.

Finally, a good quality cot mattress should be treated to prevent germs and bugs. Many products on the market are protected with antimicrobial compounds that will keep your baby clean and safe.

Comparing different products

Consumer advocacy group Choice tested a range of cot mattresses available in Australia on parameters such as firmness, construction and thickness. The testers found that some mattresses performed much better than others and gave recommendation scores ranging from very low (20 per cent) to very high (100 per cent). The following are some of the top performers:

This mattress features a cotton cover that can be unzipped and put in a washing machine or sponge cleaner with a damp cloth. It comes in a range of sizes and it is protected by UltraFresh, an anti-microbial compound that helps control germs and dust mites.

This mattress has the same features as the standard Cot Mattress, however it’s thicker with an additional memory foam layer

Clark Rubber Custom Cut Foam (grade AA23-130) - 100 per cent recommendation

If a standard size cot mattress doesn't quite fit your baby's cot, then custom-cut-foam is the answer. Our range of foam can be cut to your needs and all grades are treated with UltraFresh antimicrobial agent.

Where can you buy these mattresses?

If you're interested in having a look at any of the cot mattresses recommended above, please come down to your local Clark Rubber store. Our experts will be happy to help and ensure you get the best product to meet your needs.

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