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What do you need for a free play zone to entertain the kids at home?

How well-suited is your home for allowing children space to play on their own? Free play activities that allow children to explore without adult guidance. Essentially, children set the tone for the play and can use their imagination and equipment to create untold stories of wonder and joy.

Across previous generations, both inside and outside free play was an important part of a child's development - learning vital social skills as well as coordination, concentration and self-esteem. That's why parents should think about how their homes work as a hub for free play. Here are the benefits of free play, what you need, and how the professionals at Clark Rubber can help you make it happen.

Free play boosts creativity.

What are the benefits of a free play environment?

There are many advantages to letting your child roam through free play. This includes kids developing problem-solving skills, learning to make decisions on their own, social-emotional learning, and better brain development.

While some parents might find it hard to let this type of play occur without their watchful eye, children can be quite creative when left to their own devices. As long as the environment is safe and secure, kids will be perfectly fine in free play mode.


Will you let your kids enjoy the benefits of free play?

How do you create a free play environment?

Free play environments could be set up either inside or outside, depending on the shape and size of the family home. Once you have selected a room, you will need some indoor play activities for the kids.

Big triangles give an inventive twist on classic cushions and get kids building all over the house. The same goes for rolling logs and miniature steps. Giving kids all manner of different shapes for them to play with puts their architecture and design skills to work from a young age.

The Clark Kids Connecta Mat links up with other mats to spread right across the floor or walls of a free play space, ensuring comfort and safety for everyone. EVA play tiles are another great option for this activity.

For the child that wants playful luxury, there are many options. The Playful Pony lets them recline on the back of this horse-shaped product - perfect for any budding equestrians in the family.

With a wide range of shapes and products in some great colours, the Clark Kids selection is great for giving children hours upon hours of fun. If you would like to set up a kids free play area with great toys and furniture, contact the friendly team at Clark Rubber today.

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