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5 key benefits of having a spa pool in your backyard

While spas pools might be common features of resorts, tropical islands and health retreats, it's possible to install one at your house with minimal effort and fuss.

In the eyes of many, spas are considered to be a luxury item. The hot water, on comforting bubbles and soothing lights create a unique ambience - all in the privacy of your own backyard. While spa pools might be common features of resorts, tropical islands and health retreats, it's possible to install one at your house with minimal effort and fuss.
Spas can be the focal point for any backyard - transforming a potentially empty space into something that you can enjoy with both friends and family. But did you know about these other benefits they can bring to you and your home?
Spa pools can add value to your backyard.

1) Recovery from exercise
Before thinking about the entertainment advantages of a spa pool, it's important to consider the health benefits of warm water. As you may have seen on television, sporting professionals use hydrotherapy to repair their muscles after a match, helping to remove lactic acid.
This is just one of the many purposes your new spa pool can be used for. After a session at the gym or an after-work run (okay, after-work jog), hop in the spa and relax. The warm water increases blood flow and releases pressure on tense muscles. Overall, this can help improve injury recovery as well as support ageing joints and muscles.
2) Stress relief
There is a reason why spas are mainstay features of resorts and health retreats - they are good for stress relief. According to the Australian Psychological Society, more of us are feeling more stressed, more often - mostly as a result of being connected to work around the clock.
After a long hard day at work, there are few better options to relax than in a spa pool. The spa massage jets can take away the aches and pains while you have some quiet time to escape the world.
3) Helping sleep disorders
The hot water of a spa slows the heart rate, as well as increasing overall body temperature.
Based on the Sleep Health Foundation, adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. However, for around 5 per cent of the population, getting sleep is a constant struggle with many counting the early hours pass on their alarm clock.
While it might not work for everyone, spa pools have been known to support sleep. In a similar fashion to a shower, the hot water of a spa slows the heart rate as well as increasing overall body temperature - two important factors for getting closer to your forty winks.
4) Family enjoyment
As mentioned above, spa pools are a point of difference and not every family in Australia can claim to have one. This means that if you invest in one, you and your family can be the envy of relatives and friends alike.
While spas are basically hot water and bubbles, they can also be a great social location where you can catch up with loved ones. Of course, regardless of the weather or season, you can head out to your backyard and enjoy the pleasant environment of a brand new spa pool.

5) Complement your home value
Australia's home prices continue to soar, with record sales recorded across the country. If you are interested in jumping on this wave, it's important to do all you can to better the competition. While the obvious options are regular swimming pools or decks, many people forget about the humble spa pool.
Imagine the look on the face of prospective buyers when they see that the house has a spa pool installed - they won't believe their eyes!
If you would like to learn more about spa pools, feel free to get in touch with the friendly team at Clark Rubber today.

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