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5 signs that you need a new mattress

The quality of a mattress can have a direct impact on sleep value and your overall health. As your body makes adjustments when the mattress deteriorates, this can often hide the issues below the surface and potentially cause health problems in the future.

So what are the signs that indicate you might need a new mattress, and how can the professionals at Clark Rubber help?

Does your mattress give you aches and pains?

1) Tossing and turning at night

While we all have a bad night's sleep from time to time, if you are tossing and turning consistently, it might be wise to think about your sleeping conditions, as it could be a sign that your mattress is not up to standard anymore. It could mean there is a broken spring, the mattress is too soft or it has become misshapen.

2) You wake up with aches and pains

A night of unrest could have you feeling more tired than when you went to sleep. After sleeping on a bad mattress, you may wake with aches, pains, numbness or stiffness. If the mattress is not supporting your body in the right places then you will experience the consequences in the morning.

If you have developed new problem areas after sleeping, it could be the mattress to blame.

3) The mattress is more than seven years old

As with every piece of furniture and equipment in your house, mattresses lose quality over time. According to industry experts, the best before date for a mattress is around seven years.

For those over 40 years old, this could be reduced to around five years. As we get older, our bodies put more pressure on the mattress, speeding up the decline in quality.

4) You get a better sleep in a foreign bed

Beds take some getting used to so you shouldn't sleep better in a bed that isn't your own!

The more that we sleep on a mattress, the more it is attuned to our body shape, size and demands. This can prevent us from noticing that our bed is not up to standard anymore - until you sleep somewhere else.

If you have recently slept in a hotel or in a friend's guest bedroom and had a great nights sleep, this could be the wake-up call to address your own mattress.

5) The mattress is indented

In an ideal world, you would sleep on a mattress for eight hours at night and then it would return to its normal shape once you get up in the morning. However, if you are leaving an indent of where you slept, then this is a sign that a new mattress is needed.

If you are looking for bedding and sleep solutions, make sure you contact Clark Rubber today. Our COMFORT bedding range is designed to cater to our customers and includes foam mattresses, foam mattress overlays and inner spring mattresses as well as a wide range of pillows.

The right bed gives you the support and comfort you deserve to get a healthy sleep. Contact your local Clark Rubber store for more information on how we can improve your sleep.

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