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Pool Care Safety Tips

When it comes to your pool, you can never be too safe. That's why we have created this SAFER guide, in partnership with AUSTSWIM, to show you some of the key safety practices and behaviour around water at home.

Tips for staying safe around a pool

As supporters of AUSTSWIM, Clark Rubber and AUSTSWIM have worked together to provide you with this SAFER guide for pools - here's what it all stands for.

AUSTSWIM helps thousands of Australians, both new and experienced, to get into the water and swim safely. By accrediting teachers and implementing vital guidelines for swimming behaviour, they're helping everyone stay safe and enjoy themselves around water.

S is for Supervision: Users of the pool MUST always be supervised by an adult who is a competent swimmer and knows pool rules and emergency procedures. The supervisor must be in the pool surroundings at all times.

A is for AUSTSWIM: Water safety is of paramount importance to all families. Swimming and water safety skills help save lives as well as add enjoyment of your pool fun. Clark Rubber strongly advocates everyone be taught to swim at an AUSTSWIM Swim Centre.

F is for Fence: Clark Rubber recommends installing fences with childproof locks on gates for every pool in Australia. The gates should be locked at all times. Faulty locks must be fixed immediately. Make sure there is nothing
that can be climbed on to open the gate or get over the fence.

E is for Emergencies: Be prepared for emergencies. Have a long pole, a ring buoy with a throwing line and a first aid kit close at hand. Keep emergency numbers handy. Get up to date training in lifesaving, first aid & CPR.

R is for Rules: Establish pool rules and post them near the pool. Make sure all the family and friends know the rules. Don’t make exceptions!

In addition to the SAFER message, these added pool safety tips are vitally important for everyone to follow, especially when you are undertaking pool maintenance.

  • When using chemicals never add the water to the chemical. Always fill the bucket with water first and then add the chemical.
    that is being used. Always rinse the bucket well after use.
  • Never mix different pool chemicals in the same container.
  • Make sure everyone is well protected from harmful UV exposure. Use a recognised waterproof sunscreen.
  • Always store chemicals in a safe, dry, well ventilated place away from reach of children and animals.
  • Always use a solar blanket to help reduce evaporation and protect our precious water resources.
  • Never jump or dive into the pool.

Contact your local council for detailed information on current pool standards including pool installation and fencing requirements. A solar blanket is required for family pools in SA and WA. A CPR sign is required to be displayed near the pool in QLD and NSW.

The team at Clark Rubber are there to help with your pool maintenance, or they can do the work for you with Onsite Pool Care.

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