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One of the most important parts of pool maintenance is preventing the spread of bacteria and algae which can occur due to a number of factors, such as an increase in pool usage.

Having lots of people in your pool will increase the demand on your pool sanitizer, so being prepared is a necessity to ensure a healthy pool for everybody to swim in.

To effectively clean your pool of algae and bacteria, you need to use the right sanitizers. Read on for some tips on the different pool chemicals you will need.

1) Chlorine

If you have an outdoor pool, use 2 or 3 PPM (parts per million) of chlorine to combat algae and bacteria.

However, chlorine alone isn't guaranteed to be effective. It needs the right pH, alkalinity, calcium levels and sunlight to function properly. With too much sunlight, you could see your chlorine levels drop by as much as 30 percent per hour.

Make sure you test your water regularly with a pool water test kit, or for quick and accurate results, take a water sample to your local Clark Rubber store for a free 60-second water test.

2) Sunscreen

To make sure your chlorine levels are not severely impacted by sunlight or off-balance pH levels, use Filtrite Sunscreen. It protects the chlorine in your pool from harmful UV rays.

You can mix it into your pool on its own, or buy stabilized chlorine which is pre-mixed with the sunscreen. If your chlorine is calcium hypochlorite or liquid chlorine, you will need to add Filtrite Sunscreen at least. This must be added to the pool daily. Dichlor and Trichlor are pre-mixed with sunscreen and may not need to be added as frequently.

3) Oxidisers

While chlorine is essential for your pool, it can interact with ammonia and produce chloramine, which creates pungent smells in your pool. You will find ammonia in your pool whenever people swim in it, but this can be addressed through the use of an oxidizer.

When you use a non-chlorine based oxidizer in your pool, it gets rid of all the chloramine in one hour.

Choosing the right pool chemicals

Keeping your pool water safe and sanitary, and looking clean and sparkling requires ongoing monitoring and maintenance. If you would like your pool water tested, visit your local Clark Rubber store for a 60-second water test, where you will get a detailed report and advice on the products you need. Or we can do the work for you with our Onsite Pool Care service.

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