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3 functions every yoga mat should perform

If you have decided to start practicing yoga, you might be questioning the need for a mat. Read on to find out why it is so important.

With Australians working longer and harder, there has been a massive shift towards better health and well-being. This has seen activities such as running, walking and gym work all growing in popularity. For many people, pilates and yoga are the ideal combinations of relaxation and exercise.

With just a quiet location and a comfortable yoga mat, you can create the perfect environment for this activity. With guidance from the experts at Clark Rubber, you'll be able to find the ideal mat for your yoga in no time. Here are three focal points for people practising yoga.

1) Spiritual connection

Yoga is all about connecting with your spiritual and internal state - and your yoga mat can act as a portal or sacred place. By having a clearly defined area for yoga postures, the mat can become your personal area of calmness and relaxation.

As such, your mental state when stepping onto the mat will be one of concentration and focus - helping to eliminate other distractions in the environment. A foam mat that maximises comfort will be ideal for facilitating this.

2) Sweat absorption

A yoga mat can help to absorb sweat.

Sweat is your body's main response to hot temperatures - a natural by-product of hard exercise. A high-quality yoga mat will support sweat absorption, making the activity cleaner and safer.

Most yoga mats are also very absorbent and can be washed easily from session to session. Clark Rubber offers yoga mats that are excellent for making sure the activity is as clean and safe as possible.

3) Body protection

The last and arguably most important function of a yoga mat is providing support to various parts of your body. While yoga can be a relaxing exercise, different postures can put pressure on points such as elbows, knees, feet, hands and backs. If you were to attempt these techniques on wooden or tile floors, you could easily do more harm than good.

By purchasing a high-quality foam yoga mat and using foam yoga blocks, you are ensuring your body has the right tools to relax into the posture and improve at the same time. The soft material is durable and supportive, but still has a high level of comfort as well.

How to select a yoga mat

It isn't wise to simply buy the first yoga mat that you see in a store, as many cheaper products can be poorly made and bad quality. Commonly, this will mean that the material won't last as long and may break up sooner over time - reducing traction, sweat absorption and scope to complete different postures.

For both new and experienced yoga practitioners, Clark Rubber has a wide variety of gym and yoga mats. Made from different types of foam, our mats have a number of quality advantages. These include:

  • Anti-slip surfaces;
  • Water resistance, and
  • Additional thickness to improve comfort.

It means you can get to work on one of the most rewarding parts of your week without paying for it with sore joints or a mat that needs replacing after just a few sessions. If you want to find out more, have a look at our range of gym and yoga mats, orĀ contact your local Clark Rubber store today.

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