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Pool Maintenance - Problem Solving

How much do you know about pool maintenance and problem solving? This guide answers some of the most common problems people have when maintaining a pool, especially around some of the more difficult to fix issues.

We're talking things like sore eyes, unsightly stains, and discoloured water. You've probably seen it before, maybe in your own pool, so how do you solve these problems?

How do you get rid of pool stains?

Stains are something that can happen in your pool from time to time, if you are not careful. It could be due to decaying vegetation in the water, hairpins or other metal objects falling into the pool.

One of the problems with pool stains is an incorrect water balance.

One of the most common causes of staining is from metals coming out of solution, usually caused by incorrect water balance.

Clark Rubber can give you a free comprehensive 60 second water test in-store, and also have a range of pool chemicals can help you remove the stain, and prevent them from recurring.

How do you fix green water?

Is your pool's water looking a bit murky? If you or your family want to take a dip, you will need to fix this immediately. The main cause of green water is algae spores. Algae is everywhere and can end up in your pool water when you top it up, or can be blown in by the wind.

There are a number of different types of Algae such as blue, green, mustard and pink. One thing they have in common is the ability to turn your pool into a swamp seemingly overnight, which is why it's so important to stay on top of this.

Prevention is the best cure, and Filtrite Algygone with Filtrite Phosphate Eliminator is your best bet for doing this. However, if you wake up one day to a green pool, don't panic - the professionals at Clark Rubber have all the advice and products you need to get your pool looking sparkling clear in no time.

Everyone deserves a sparkling, crystal clear pool.

Can you stop a pool from giving you sore eyes?

We've all been in this situation - you've spent too long in the pool and end up with itchy or sore eyes that are bright red. It's not a great look, but it is one you can prevent.

Most people think sore eyes are caused by a reaction to chlorine in the pool, however, the most common causes are incorrect pH level, or from chloramines in the pool.

The pH of blood is around 7.5, so swimming in an environment where the pH is higher or lower can cause sore eyes, because blood comes closest to the surface of the body in your eyes.

Chloramines are caused by a chemical reaction between chlorine and ammonia. Ammonia in the pool most often comes from humans, as both sweat and urine contain high levels of ammonia.

To fix this and keep your eyes feeling great, a non-chlorine based oxidizer is a great solution. It only takes an hour to make your pool clean, healthy, sparkling and gentle on the eyes.

What if my water goes cloudy?

Rather than green water, this is where your pool water looks unclear, or cloudy. Here are the most common reasons for your pool water being cloudy.

Incorrect water balance: If the pH is too high - above 7.8, or the water has a positive imbalance the water can become cloudy. The best remedy is to take a sample of your pool water into your local Clark Rubber store for a free 60 second water test to get it properly analysed, and pick up all the products you will need.

Insufficient sanitiser:

This usually happens when the pH goes above 7.8, you don't have enough chlorine, or your filter isn't working properly.

There are some easy fixes here - Clark Rubber can test a sample of your pool water to determine exactly what is going wrong, and then products like Pool Ultra Shock plus 500gr or Filtrite Filter Cleaner and Degreaser can fix any problems.

While these are some of the most common problems with maintaining a pool, they're certainly not the only ones. To keep your pool healthy, looking beautiful and feeling great, make sure to get in touch with the team at Clark Rubber, or let us do the work for you with our Onsite Pool Care.

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