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6 tips to get a great night's sleep on your caravan holiday

Travelling Australia in a caravan can be a liberating experience. Caravan camping means you don't have to worry about arranging accommodation every night, but you could also be missing out on a good night's sleep if you're not prepared.

Whether you're travelling around Australia in a caravan or a camper trailer, follow these six steps to make sure you're getting the restful sleep you need, so you'll be ready to hit the road refreshed in the morning.

  1. Location, location, location

Not only is it important to find a designated campground or another place you're legally allowed to spend the night, you should also look for a quiet area where your sleep won't be disturbed by traffic, chatter and other noises.

It's not just noise that can stop you from getting a sound sleep. Avoid being in the path of someone else's campfire smoke by checking the prevailing wind direction before you park. Also check that you've parked on a flat area, not sloping or rocky ground, as this could make your sleep uncomfortable.

  1. Watch what you eat and drink

Travelling is a chance to try new things, but you need to consider how food and drink could affect your sleep.

Avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon or evening, as well as other caffeinated drinks like tea and soft drinks. Drinking too much alcohol could also cause you to feel drowsy in the morning, which can be dangerous for driving.

Heavy meals should also be avoided too close to bedtime, and it's important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

  1. Stick to a routine

While you're filling your days with new experiences, you should still try to follow a regular sleeping schedule as much as possible.

Aim to wake up and go to sleep at the same time you would at home, and maintain your familiar morning and nighttime routines such as showering, brushing your teeth and sitting down with a cuppa. This helps to keep your body clock ticking along on schedule.

  1. Block out light and noise

Even if you find a quiet camping spot, there's no guarantee it will stay that way. If you're a light sleeper, buying a cheap pair of foam earplugs should reduce outside sounds so you can sleep through them.

An eyemask should keep you from being woken up by headlights or other lights outside.

  1. Turn on the air-con

Air conditioning or a simple fan can be essential for keeping your cool on warm nights, especially in hotter parts of the country.

The white noise and gentle rhythm of air-con could also help soothe you to sleep and block out some outside noises. Parking near to running water can have a similar effect.

  1. Buy a good quality caravan mattress

Camping in Australia doesn't have to mean roughing it. If you'll be spending a lot of time sleeping in your caravan or camper trailer, a comfortable caravan double mattress is a wise investment.

Clark Rubber has partnered with Slumberest to offer a complete range of customised mattresses that guarantee a comfortable night's sleep, including posture support mattresses, woollen quilting for year-round comfort and slimline options to save space.

To find out more and get a quote, download our brochure, choose your preferred mattress type and provide us with the dimensions needed. We'll then make your customised caravan mattress to order.