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Tips for travelling Australia with kids in a caravan

More Aussies are hitting the road on self-drive caravan holidays every year. While most of these are caravanning couples and grey nomads, an increasing number of families are also hitching up and travelling around Australia with kids.

Caravanning with kids isn't without its challenges, but when you're well prepared and have an idea what to expect, you can reduce the stress and enjoy the family holiday of a lifetime. Here are four tips for travelling Australia in a camper trailer or caravan with the little ones in tow.

Do your research

In some parts of Australia, such as New South Wales, campsites need to be booked and paid for before you arrive. You should always investigate sites online or get personal recommendations so you can be sure a site's kid-friendly and has everything your family needs, which might include hot showers and children's playgrounds.

When planning your route, the time of year you're travelling can make all the difference. It's not just temperatures you should think about, but also the direction of headwinds that could affect your fuel consumption or even cause problems with your caravan or trailer on the road.

Bring the essentials

Travelling Australia in a caravan gives you a lot more room than a camper trailer, but it's still a good idea to economise and only bring the essentials. If you have young children, this could be more than you think, and you'll still need to find space for the fire extinguisher and spare towing equipment.

If a pram won't fit in your caravan, consider a baby carrier instead, and make sure everyone has a suitably sized sun hat and sunscreen. If you have a larger caravan with enough space, one appliance you'll find incredibly useful on a longer holiday is a washing machine, rather than having to find laundry services at campgrounds.

Make a trial run

If you've never towed a caravan or trailer before, make sure you get the experience in early. Towing a heavy load affects driving in many subtle ways, and you should get used to this new normal before driving with your family.

Take your new caravan for a test drive at least a few days before, bringing along someone who can help with tricky manoeuvres like reversing. You could even consider taking a caravanning training course if you want to feel more confident.

Invest in quality bedding

Camping in Australia doesn't have to mean roughing it, as getting a good night's sleep is always important. Rather than settling for a foam sheet or sleeping bag, order a custom made mattress for caravan that's designed to be a perfect fit for your available space.

Slumberest and Clark Rubber have launched an exclusive range of custom caravan mattresses available in a range of sizes, from twin beds for kids to king size mattresses for parents. If anyone in your family has asthma or allergies, all our mattresses have Australian Asthma Foundation approval as well as Health Guard and Ultra fresh anti-bacterial treatments to help keep you safe.

Download our brochure and contact your local Clark Rubber store to get a quote for your new custom caravan mattress today.