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How to choose the right caravan bed

Camping comforts have come a long way. While you might be trying to cut down on luxuries on your trip, you shouldn't compromise on getting a quality sleep every night.

If you're travelling Australia in a caravan or camper trailer, or even living in a caravan full time, it's important to make sure your bed and mattress are giving you the support and comfort you need.

Read our caravan bed and mattress buying guide to find out how to get a great night's sleep on the road.

What types of caravan beds are there?

Beds are one of the most important features to look for when buying a caravan. When making your decision, you should consider the number of people on your trip and space you need to preserve.

Larger caravans may have separate bedrooms and space for a fixed bed, but if you're trying to save space, fold-out beds are a great space-saving option. These can be tucked away or double up as sofas or even dining tables.

If you're travelling with kids or guests, you may prefer the convenience of fixed bunk beds.

What size bed do you need?

It's generally recommended that you buy the largest bed your sleeping area can accommodate. This can be easier said than done in caravans, where space is often at a premium.

Single beds may be the only practical option for smaller caravans, even if you have to share, but this bed should still be longer than the tallest person sleeping in it.

If you've got a larger sleeping space, you can stretch out in a double or king size bed. All caravan beds are likely to have different shapes and sizes to regular beds, so you'll need more than a standard mattress.

How to choose a caravan mattress

As well as choosing a matching size, there are a few other things you need to consider when buying a mattress for caravan fixed bed or fold-out bed.

  • Foam mattresses are the most common type seen in caravans. These are a hygienic option, as they don't trap bacteria like spring mattresses and are easy to clean.
  • Spring mattresses can offer more support than foam if you have back pain. They're usually the lightest option if you're looking for ways to lighten the load.
  • Latex mattresses are heavier and tend to cost more, but they can also provide more comfort and support. They're also recommended for people with asthma and allergies.

Not everyone has the same sleeping posture or preference when it comes to mattress types and materials, so you should try out some mattresses first to get an idea of which are the best fit for you. The three basic categories of mattresses are:

  • Firm – recommended if you sleep on your front and need more support for your spine and neck.
  • Medium – balancing comfort and support, recommended if you sleep on your back.
  • Soft – for those who prefer comfort and side sleepers.

If your caravan bed has an unusual size or shape, you could benefit from a custom made mattress. Clark Rubber has teamed up with Slumberest to offer exclusive custom caravan mattresses in Australia. These are made to order and come with a 10-year warranty.

Download our brochure today and contact your local Clark Rubber store to get a quote for your customised caravan mattress.