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Why you should choose a custom made mattress for your caravan

When you're travelling Australia in a caravan or camper trailer, you need to make sure you're getting a restful sleep every night. Driving while tired puts you and your fellow travellers at risk, not to mention spoiling the mood of the trip.

Caravans aren't built to hold standard mattresses, which often have trouble fitting in or staying secure. That's why regular road trippers can benefit from a custom made mattress for caravan camping. These are tailored to every individual's needs and preferences to make sure of a perfect fit and a great night's sleep.

Find out how to design your bespoke bedding with our custom caravan mattress buying guide.

  1. Get the right fit

Knowing your caravan's dimensions is the first step to getting a perfect fit. Your mattress supplier will want to know the width and length of your available floor space so they can design the ideal mattress for your needs.

Custom caravan mattresses are available in a range of sizes to suit all common types of caravans and camper trailers – from 2'5 x 6'2 twin mattresses up to 5' x 6' king size – so you won't have to sacrifice leg room or width if your caravan has an unusual shape. You can also choose between square, rounded or cut corners.

It's not just width and length that can be customised, but height too. If you have a low-lying caravan or you don't want to take up vertical space, slimline mattresses offer all the comfort of a 270mm mattress at just 100mm height for a spring mattress or 60mm for a foam mattress.

  1. Choose quality materials

If you've been sleeping on a piece of foam or furniture that's not designed for sleeping, upgrading to a custom made mattress will give you all the support you need to maintain good posture and prevent back pains. Caravan mattresses are available with springs, memory foam or a combination of the two for maximum support and comfort.

If you're used to the good life at home, you don't have to sacrifice comfort when you're sleeping in a caravan. Look for mattresses with soft damask covers or 100% wool quilting that will help keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

  1. Keep your family safe

If you or anyone travelling in your caravan is among the 1 in 10 Australians with asthma, or you have other allergies, it's important to choose a mattress that's resistant to dust mites and other allergens. Look for products with mite-impermeable covers or that are approved by organisations like the Australian Asthma Foundation to help keep your caravan free from allergens.

Some mattresses can also accumulate bacteria over time, especially those with springs where mould and mildew may also develop. You can prevent this by choosing a foam mattress, especially one that's received anti-bacterial treatments.

Get a custom made mattress for caravan quote

Clark Rubber has teamed up with Australia's mattress experts Slumberest to offer customised mattresses suitable for caravans and camper trailers in a wide range of sizes.

View our caravan mattress brochure and complete the order form to get a quote today. All our mattresses come with a 10 year guarantee.