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What to pack when travelling Australia in a caravan

Are you planning a road trip around Australia?

Travelling Australia in a caravan is a fantastic way to see the country on your own time schedule, without having to worry about finding a hotel or carting heavy backpacks around. But if it's your first time, it's important to make sure you're bringing everything you need – and leaving behind what you don't.

What you pack up in your caravan largely depends on how long you'll be travelling, who's coming with you and the types of activities you're planning, but here's a checklist of essentials items you'll use more or less every day, or that you wouldn't want to be without in an emergency.

The essentials

However long you're travelling around Australia, it's vital that you bring along tools, spare parts and maintenance equipment in case your car or caravan breaks down. This includes at least one spare wheel for each, a set of tools, jumper leads, repair manuals and spare belts and fluids if you'll be going off the beaten track.

If you'll be driving in the outback for long stretches, you should also bring a first aid kit, an emergency supply of drinking water in jerry cans and consider buying a satellite phone or solar panels to generate your own power. You'll also need off-road equipment if your caravan is built for it.

Camping gear

If you'll be staying at campsites, they'll usually provide the essential amenities like toilets (if your caravan or trailer doesn't have one), showers and even laundry services, but you'll still need to take care of your sleeping arrangements to make sure you're fully rested and refreshed every morning.

A simple camping table and chairs are all you need to enjoy the fresh air, with an awning to keep you in the shade. You don't have to rough it with sleeping bags when a custom made mattress for caravan will give you a comfortable and supportive sleep every night.

Cooking supplies

If your caravan is set up with appliances, you'll only need to bring cookware, tableware, utensils and always-handy storage containers. If you don't have appliances, a portable stove will take care of most of your needs.

If you're looking for ways to lighten the load, consider whether you really need to bring luxury items like the coffee maker or if you can live without.

Bathroom, laundry and cleaning supplies

Keep your bathroom items in a small carry bag for convenience when using campsite facilities.

If you don't want to wait around to use the laundry, a bucket, laundry powder and pegs are all you really need, though bringing along the washing machine can be a time-saver for larger families.

Remember you'll have to keep the caravan clean too, so bring a handheld vacuum and dustpan and stock up on cleaning products.

Activity gear

Don't forget what your trip's all about when you're packing for the adventure!

Backpacks are essential for day trips, as are sunscreen, sun hats and mozzie repellent, but you should also leave room for surfboards, snorkelling gear, outdoor toys for the kids and everything else you'll need to create lifelong memories.

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