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Caravan tips for beginners: how to sleep comfortably

Do you need a mattress for your caravan fixed bed? If you're travelling Australia in a camper trailer or caravan, getting a good night's sleep is vital for making you alert and refreshed on the drive the next day.

If you're used to the outdoor life, a sleeping bag may be all you need. But for a more comfortable holiday, choose a caravan with fixed or fold-out beds and a custom mattress that will give you all the support you need for a rejuvenating sleep.

Sleeping bags or bedding?

If you're planning a longer trip, it can be worth bringing your bed linen with you and laundering it every week. Not only will this help you feel at home, it can also keep your body clock on track in your new surroundings, so you're less likely to lose sleep.

Sleeping bags can be a convenient alternative though, helping you to stay warm on cooler nights and saving space when you tuck them away during the day.

Camp beds

If you have a camper trailer or a smaller caravan without beds, you'll have to make your own arrangements. A fold-out camp bed with a metal frame and fabric cover could do the trick, but the lack of support could make these beds uncomfortable or unsuitable for people who suffer from back pains.

Sleeping mats

Another cheap and simple option, roll-up mats are great for saving space and generally easy to wipe clean. They can be rolled out on the ground or the floor of your trailer to cushion against the hard surface, but they won't be as comfortable or supportive as your mattress at home.


Inflatable beds can offer more support, but they're also larger and heavier, which can make them more awkward to transport. They also take time to inflate every night. You could save time and save your breath by purchasing an electric pump, but this is extra expense and more equipment to carry.

Caravan beds

If you're buying a caravan with beds, there are various options to choose from. Larger caravans may have space for fixed beds, even separate bedrooms, while smaller models may feature bunk beds or fold-out beds to help save space.

Like beds at home, caravan beds are available in a range of sizes depending on how much space you have, from single beds to king size. However, as they're designed to fit into the caravan's layout, they can have distinct shapes and dimensions that won't fit standard mattresses.

Caravan mattresses

The most common type of mattress for a caravan fixed bed is a foam mattress. These can offer a comfortable sleep, but they don't offer the support some people need. If you want to upgrade your mattress, or your current mattress is old or worn out and needs to be replaced, the best choice is a custom caravan mattress.

Custom mattresses are designed to be an exact fit for caravan beds and are available in all common sizes and a range of quality materials for different preferences and price levels. Slumberest has partnered with Clark Rubber to offer exclusive custom-made mattresses for caravans available Australia wide with a 10-year guarantee.

See our caravan mattress range and get in touch with your local Clark Rubber store to get a quote.