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How deep can an above ground pool be?

Backyard pools come in all shapes and sizes, whether they're in the ground or above it. Some people think of above ground pools as being little more than paddling pools, but these installations can sometimes be just as deep as in-ground pools.

When comparing pool sizes, keep in mind that the total depth of the pool includes the height of the wall above the water level, not just the water. If you want a deeper above ground pool that's suitable for diving and other activities, talk to your pool supplier. They may have above ground pools in a range of sizes or offer custom pool sizes.

Can above ground pools have a deep end?

Above ground pools are normally constructed to the same depth throughout to make them easier to install, but some manufacturers offer deep end or deep centre versions too. These will require more preparation of your backyard, which will need to be excavated to the depth needed.

Deep ends are better suited to longer pools, as this allows for a gentler gradient than in a small pool. A deep end can be added more easily to a rectangular or round pool than an oval pool or irregular shapes.

Do you need a deep end?

A deeper pool will cost more to install and maintain, so it's worth considering whether you'll really make use of the extra depth or if it could be an inconvenience.

If you're looking forward to diving, jumping and swimming deep in your pool, the extra cost could be worth it. However, a deeper pool also takes longer to clean and the deep areas can be more difficult to access.

If you have children, pets or elderly relatives, a deep end can also be a potential safety hazard, and pool fencing must be present.

How much to install a pool?

A deeper pool will cost more, especially if it's a non-standard or custom size. There's also the added cost and time involved in digging your garden to accommodate the slope of the pool. Even with these extra expenses though, an above ground pool with a deep end is still cheaper than an in-ground pool.

If you don't have a lot of space in your garden, an in-ground plunge pool could be a practical alternative to a full-size pool. These can also be made as deep as a standard pool.

If you want something more convenient that doesn't involve digging and only minimal preparation, a portable pool or inflatable pool can be ideal for lounging or splashing with the kids, although deep options are not available.

Backyard pools in all sizes

Whatever size, type or design of pool you want in your garden, search our pools and spas range at Clark Rubber to find the perfect fit for your backyard. Most of our pools are available in a range of sizes with deep end options available.

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