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Which robotic pool cleaner is the right one for my pool?

Robotic pool cleaners are available with different levels of features and specifications, with one to suit your particular pool and budget.

Clark Rubber have basic models such as the RC-2500 designed for cleaning the floors on small pools and modular above ground pools.

Our range also includes the RC-4800 that covers the floors, walls and waterline of larger pools and features built-in timers and ultra-fine filtration.

Advanced models such as the feature-packed RC-6000 and Dolphin X6, include high-capacity filters, remote smartphone programming and control, multi-function controller and a convenient storage caddy that are the ultimate in automatic pool cleaning.

And now battery technology is available from a Dolphin, with the Liberty 400 cordless robotic cleaner. This is the latest technology from Maytronics, offering the convenience of cord-free cleaning. 

Use the Robot Cleaner guide below to assist you in comparing and selecting one of our models or talk to your Clark Rubber pool professional about finding the right pool cleaner for your needs.