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Things for caravans

Heading out in the caravan? Make sure you've got all the equipment and accessories you need to take care of safety and comfort on your road trip. Clark Rubber has a huge range of caravan accessories made from high quality rubber and foam in sizes to suit every caravan or camper trailer. 

Keep your caravan safe on the camp site with lightweight and durable wheel chocks made from UV-resistant EPDM rubber. Docking rubber also helps to protect your caravan against accidental impacts, while non-slip polyurethane matting can prevent accidents in wet weather. 

If you're not satisfied with your current caravan bed, enjoy all the comfort of home in the great outdoors with a custom caravan mattress. Clark Rubber has partnered with Slumberest to offer caravan mattresses made to measure, so you can get the restful sleep you need ready for the drive tomorrow.

Don't overlook the small things that can make all the difference to protecting your caravan and extending its life. Pinchwelds help to keep out noise, heat and vibrations so you can get a sounder sleep, and rubber grommets are always handy to protect wires and surfaces from damage. Find out more at your local Clark Rubber store.