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Protection and Stoppers

Protect and insulate your walls, floors and other areas inside and outside your home. These versatile protectors, stoppers and buffers are made from high quality rubber in a range of sizes and colours to fit your furniture and your design scheme.

Chair tips and end caps help to support and protect chair legs while keeping wooden floors and decks scratch-free. Whether you're looking for a door stop or wedge to protect your walls and furniture from door knobs, or a rubber cork to keep wine and spirits fresh, browse our wide selection of natural rubber stoppers and buffers for every application. 

Rubber and foam also make effective insulators to reduce heat transfer, noise and vibrations. Our insulation range includes Formshield barriers, roof infills and pipe insulation that's easy to install, as well as safety corners and anti-slip mats to prevent injuries.

 If you need to seal a crack or protect switchboards against moisture, dust and vibrations, we supply adhesive foam tapes and rubber tape in a range of sizes, with custom lengths cut to order. If you need to hold down a canvas ute cover or tarp, a synthetic rubber or elastic tie down will keep it firmly in place.