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Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners take the hard work out of maintaining your pool. Regular cleaning is important for pools of all sizes, from in-ground and above ground pools to kids' inflatable pools and hot tubs. These suction and robotic cleaners from trusted brands like Kreepy Krauly make easy work of the toughest jobs. 

Even small and portable pools like a blow up swimming pool, splasher pool or spa pool need routine maintenance to remove dirt, slime and grime. Manual battery-operated pool vacuums suck up any loose dirt to make the task easier.

 For larger in-ground or above ground pools, you'll need something more powerful. Automated pool cleaners suck up debris from the floor, scrub algae from the walls and skim the surface to remove floating debris while you take care of other things. Suction cleaners are available for pools up to 50,000 or 120,000 litres with optional features like wall climbing for an even more thorough clean. 

For the most efficient clean possible, choose a robotic cleaner. These advanced pool cleaners scrub the floors and walls while filtering the water of contaminants to leave your pool clean in just one to three hours, depending on the size of your pool and the model you choose. Some robotic cleaners have optional remote control for manual cleaning of tricky areas.

Pool cleaners can take care of routine maintenance, but if you haven't used or cleaned your pool for a while, you might need more pool accessories from leaf rakes and algae brushes to chemical treatments to make sure your pool's good to go.

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