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Pool Cleaners

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    The unique Supa-Vac design allows you to quickly clean or empty virtually any water fixture.

  2. Aquabroom
    A great underwater high flow battery operated vacuum for spas and splasher pools. Uses D size batteries (not included).

  3. VTXC Suction Cleaner
    Triple clean with Vortex action technology. The three way action vacuums, scrubs and skims pools effortlessly.

  4. Fitrite by Kreep Krauly Suction Cleaner SC750
    Made in Australia our mid range performer in the Filtrite by Kreepy Krauly range, the SC750, includes our 4 way total cleaning action.

  5. Sprinta
    This Klever Kleena can be used on all pool surfaces and also comes with a 12 metre sectional hose.

  6. Filtrite by Kreepy Krauly SC1000 Suction Cleaner
    Climbs pool walls and crawls along cleaning the pool floor. The ultimate in suction pool cleaning.

  7. Suction Pool Cleaner Kreepy Krauly VTX-7 With 12m Hose & Miniskim
    Triple clean with Vortex action that sucks up all debris in its path.

  8. Auto Pool Cleaner
    The Auto Pool Cleaner automatically vacuums the entire pool floor effectively and hassle-free.
  9. RC-2500 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    This lightweight , robotic cleaner leaves your pool floor clean of leaves, dirt and algae.

  10. Filtrite by Maytronics RC - 4000 Robotic Wall Climb Pool Cleaner
    In just two and a half hours, the powerful RC4000 will scrub your pool

14 Items found

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