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Pool Covers and Rollers

Pool covers and rollers keep your pool safe from the elements and comfortable for swimming and splashing in all seasons. Whether you need custom-cut covers for in-ground and above ground pools or fixed covers for portable pools and hot tubs, we'll help you get the perfect fit. 

Swimming pool covers have a number of functions, depending on the material you choose. Plastic and vinyl covers keep inflatable pools clean by keeping out leaves and other debris, but if you have a larger pool there's more to think about. Insulated titanium covers block most heat and sunlight to prevent evaporation and algae growth, and help your pool stay cooler on sunny days and warmer at night.

Covers come in all shapes and sizes for all types of pools, from round and square covers with rope ties for portable pools to bespoke rollers for in-ground and above ground pools. Provide us with your pool's measurements and we'll cut your above ground pool covers to the exact length and width you need. Make sure you let us know if your pool has side steps and to leave some overlap for an in-ground pool. 

Some swimming pool covers are available in a choice of colours to help you get a consistent look in your garden, and minimum quantities and warranties vary by product. Remember that even with a cover in place, you should never leave children unattended around a pool – see our full range of pool maintenance and accessories to help keep your pool safer and cleaner all year round.