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Pool Servicing

We can do the work for you!
We offer a range of services to suit your budget.
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Home, commercial or rental
  • Must reside within store service area


A Clark Rubber trained Pool Service Technician can come to your home, rental property or commercial business and provide onsite pool care to keep your pool safe and sparkling.
Check the health of your pool
Everyone wants sparkling, clear pool water! Our Pool Technician will come to you onsite and conduct a full electronic water analysis including our comprehensive 65 point Pool Health Check to ensure your pool is safe and healthy.
Maintain the quality of your pool
Whether it’s a once off clean or a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance, we’ll ensure your pool water is balanced and all your pool equipment is running efficiently.
Repair your existing equipment
Our Pool Technicians understand the workings and mechanics of pool equipment. If it can be repaired, we’ll do so using a combination of our expertise and extensive range of spare parts.
Supply and install new equipment
When it’s necessary, our Pool Technicians can supply and install whatever pool equipment is deemed necessary for maintaining your pool’s health and wellbeing. From filters to pumps, chlorinators to solar heating, we’ll advise the right equipment for the job.
Specialists in servicing rental property pools
If managing rental property pools and keeping them clean during the selling period is a challenge, let our Pool Technicians remove the hassle and do the work for you. Providing Condition Reports, instructional handover sessions for new homeowners as well as regular property maintenance, we’re specialists in servicing rental property pools.
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