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Pool Toys

Kids and big kids will love these blow-up pool toys, ideal for portable pools, in-ground or above ground pools and down at the beach. Made from heavy-duty plastic in colourful and crazy designs, these pool toys from Wahu and other top brands guarantee heaps of fun for all ages.

 Help the little ones take it easy with floating tubes, air mats and their favourite ride-on animals or let them captain their own boats. Older kids and adults will find everything they need to relax in and out of the pool with our pool lounges and coolers, from beach chairs, bags and towels to floating bars.

When it's time to play, you can't go wrong with classic blow up pool toys like beach balls, pool noodles and water pistols, or you can go the extra mile with floating basketball hoops, volleyball nets, footy goals and more blow up pool games.

As well as toys, we've got all the swimming aids your kids will need if they're learning to swim, including arm bands, swim rings and foam kickboards, as well as goggles and fins for advanced swimmers and dive toys to help young swimmers gain confidence underwater.

Don't forget to supervise your children at all times when they're in or around the pool. See our pool maintenance and accessories range to make sure your poolside area's as safe as it can be and check with your local council to find out more about pool and spa fencing, safety and water regulations in your area.

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  1. Inflatabull
    Tame the Bull! Bring the fun of the rodeo in to your own pool! Jump on the Inflatabull and see how long you can stay on. Ideal for use in pools, lakes or rivers to provide hours of family fun this summer.

  2. Wahu Skimball Super Grip
    For fast paced, long-distance bounce the Super Grip Skimball performs like a little trooper! Wahu have added grip bubbles so its easy to throw and catch in one hand. Available in HOT pink, blue, orange and green so you can keep you eye on it as it scoots and bounces over lake, river or sea.

  3. EVA Floating Mat
    This high density EVA floating mat is fun for everyone. It can be used for multiple water activites.

  4. Angel Wing Float
  5. Palm Leaf Float
  6. Swim Fins
  7. Superslide
    Double Superslide is 4.8 meters long with easy set up connection and inflatable slides for superfast sliding action.
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  8. Reef Rider Mask
  9. Reef Rider Swim Set
  10. Wave Rider Swm Set
  11. Wave Rider Sports Swim Set
  12. Kids Pool Cruisers
  13. Lobster Ride On
  14. Economat Airmat
  15. Pool Noodle
    Pool noodle, assorted colours
  16. Clarkee Armbands- Step C
    The Clarkee Armbands are especially designed to help kids master the basics of swimming, part of the Clarkee Swim Safe step by step learning range.
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  17. Clarkee Lounges
    Adults will enjoy relaxing while floating around the pool in this floating net. The bean filled ring offers maximum comfort while you soak up the sun.
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  18. Crocodile Sprinkler
  19. Whale Sprinkler
  20. 2 in 1 Cooler Beach Bag
  21. Tropic Adult Mask and Skorkel
  22. Comet Kids Mask And Snorkel - Black
  23. Crystal Kids Snorkel Set - Blu e
  24. Crystal Kids Snorkel Set - Pin k
  25. Caribbean Adult Snorkel Set - Blue
  26. Caribbean Adult Snorkel Set - Green
  27. Ezi-Travel Adult Snorkel Set - Blue
  28. Ezi-Travel Adult Snorkel Set - Silver
  29. Mask And Snorkel Comet Kids
  30. Deluxe Rubber Fin
  31. Pop Eye Goggles
  32. Kids Character Mask
  33. Kids Goggles 3 Pack
  34. Wahu Surfer Dudes
  35. Wahu Skim n Hoop
  36. Wahu Sink N Score
  37. Lil' Gator Ride On
  38. Speedo Sea Squad Backfloat
  39. Speedo Futura Classic Goggles- Clear
  40. Speedo Futura Classic Junior Goggles- Blue
  41. XSHOT Fast Fill Watergun
  42. 3D Beach Balls
  43. Mirage Dry Bag
  44. Wahu Kids Swim Vest
  45. Clarkee Baby Seat Step A
  46. Galaxy Full Face Snorkel Mask
  47. Giant Unicorn Swim Ring
    Giant Unicorn Swim Ring, this white giant has a beautiful multicoloured mane and tail with an epic gold horn.

  48. 18 Pocket Fashion Mat
    Perfect for relaxing in the pool. The 18 Pocket Fashion Mat allows you to recline in style while you cool down in the pool.

  49. Mermaid Tail Lounger
    Beauty and elegance, the Mermaid Tail Float does not dissapoint. The vivid colours of the scales and shape of the tail will maKeyou feel liKeyou're a real mermaid.

  50. Unicorn Flatback Ride On
    Magical and enchanting, the Unicorn Flatback Ride On will turn heads this summer. With a wide base and 2 heavy duty handles, it's an ideal float for your kids.

  51. Clear View Bottom Boat
    Explore the water beneath you in the Clear View Bottom Boat. Your kids will be captivated as they uncover the deep secrets of their own pool.

  52. Pillow-Back Lounge
    Kick back and relax in the Intex Pillow-Back Lounge. Available in a variety of colours and complete with 2 heavy duty handles.

  53. Rockin' Lounge
    The Rockin' Lounge contoured design provides extra comfort as you float in your pool.

  54. Mesh Lounge
    The Mesh Lounge has a mesh centre for keeping you cool whilst relaxing in the pool and a built in comfy pillow rest.

    Price From: $29.95

    Regular Price: RRP $33.95

  55. Pool Volleyball Game
    The Intex Pool Volleyball Game will give you and your friends hours of fun in the pool. The game comes complete with an inflatable volleyball, volleyball net and inflatable poles which you can add anchor weights to if desired.

  56. Pink Flamingo Swim Ring
    Party or relax on the beach, lake, pool or river with this colourful inflating bird.

  57. Tote 'N Float Wave Airmats
    Cool and convenient. These wafer thin mats will surprise with how strong and comfortable they are. Available in a variety of hot colours

  58. Mega Duck Island
    The Intex Mega Duck Island is great for riding, playing or lounging. Come equipped with 2 heavy duty handles

  59. Big Animal Ring
    These fun swim rings will help to make pool floatation fun. With 3 different animals to choose from, the Big Animal Rings are an ideal companion for your kids this summer.

  60. Lively Print Swim Ring
    The Intex Lively Print Swim Ring is the perfect pool companion for your kids this summer. With 3 distinct designs featuring a variety of aquatic creatures.

  61. Palm Tree Cooler
    Keep cool and refreshed this summer with The Palm Tree Cooler. Simply inflate, fill with ice and drinks and let it float around. It's more than an accessory, it will keep your drinks cool in the pool!

  62. Pool Pony Ride On
    Saddle up! The Pool Pony Ride On is the noble steed you've been looking for. Your kids' imaginations will run wild, whether they are knights storming the castle, or riding to victory in the Melbourne cup, the possibilites are endless.

  63. Snake Sprinkler
    The Sprinkler Snake is a great way to have fun and keep cool this summer. The sprayer easily connects to common garden hoses.

  64. Wahu Pool Basketball
    Slam dunk your way through summer with the Wahu Pool Basketball set! The inflatable hoop is durable, water resistant and great fun in or out of the pool. Why not get your game on with some friends and shoot some hoops all summer long!

  65. Fluorescent Swim Ring
    Relax and enjoy your summer with this classic swim ring in fun fluorescent colours.

  66. Fun Masks
    Kids will love snorkelling in these Fun Masks, with crab and shark designs they will blend in perfectly to their aquatic surroundings. Masks are latex free.

  67. EVA Foam Kickboard Step C
    The Clarkee Foam Kickboard, part of the Clarkee Swim Safe step by step learning range, is the perfect final step in encouraging unaided swimming

  68. Advanced EVA Foam Kickboard
    The Clarkee Advance EVA kickboard is shaped for gliding through the water

  69. Clarkee Swim Ring Step B
    The Clarkee Swim Ring, part of the Clarkee Swim Safe step by step range, is the perfect aid to help build your child's confidence in the water.

  70. Wahu Tube Wars
    Gladiators in the Pool! Includes two base tubes & two paddles.

  71. Sit 'n Float Inflatable Lounge
    Sit 'n Float has a unique design for extra fun. Includes 2 handles for stability, double air chambers and a transparent top panel.

  72. King Cool Lounge
    Transparent top panels with multi-coloured I-beams. 2 air chambers, drink holder, armrest and back. Colours may vary from store to store.

    Price From: $12.95

    Regular Price: RRP $14.95

  73. Floating Recliner Lounge
    Floating Recliner Lounge is one of our most popular lounges due to it comfort and durability.

  74. Pillow Flip Lounge
    The Flip-Pillow Lounge brings the all the comforts of the lounge room to the pool. Complete with a drink holder so you can be refreshed while you relax in the pool this summer.

  75. Water Shooter
    Did someone say water fight? Gear up with the Water Shooter and soak the competition.

  76. Play Goggles
    The Intex Play Goggles are an ideal all rounder, great for use in the pool all summer long. Available in 3 different colours.

  77. Pro Master Goggles
    The Intex Pro Master Goggles are latex free and designed for performance in the pool. Constructed with tempered glass with advanced UV protection and a silicone head strap for high performance.

  78. Xshot Typhoon Thunder
    Defeat the heat with the Tyhpoon Thunder. Blasts Water up to 30ft. Pull back to Pump. 550ml Refillable Tank.

  79. Xshot Tornado Bottle Blaster
    This blaster features a high-capacity water tank to make sure the water blasting action never ends! But that's not all, you can attach any water bottle to make sure your tank is fully loaded at anytime. Blast water up to 30ft. Pump action handle.

  80. Wahu Bash n Splash Sprinkler
    The Wahu Bash'n Splash is the bop-bag for the backyard that will keep the kids cool this summer! Connect it to your garden hose for a continuous waterblast and bounce back action

  81. Hyper Flow Snorkel Senior

  82. Speedo Jet Junior Goggles
    Speedo Jet Junior Goggles feature a hypoallergenic seal for junior swimmers with sensitive skin

  83. 41687_fungoalsgame_web_2
    The Fun Goals Game can be used in your pool to play a game of water polo or in your yard for the kids to play a game of soccer.

  84. Glossy Panel Beach Ball
    This beach ball is a classic in design and style.

  85. 1832_wahupoolhoops_web_1
    Design an underwater race course with Wahu's 4 rainbow coloured pool hoops.

  86. 16084_wahudiveballs_web_1
    These little beauties wriggle, twist and sink all the way to the bottom of the deep end.

  87. Wahu Aqua Hockey
    Perfect for 2 players on the water or even outside of the pool on a flat table.

  88. XSHOT Stealth Soaker Water Pistol Twin Pack
    Double the fun! X-SHOT Water Blaster Stealth Soaker Water Gun lets you drench the competition.

  89. XSHOT Stealth Soaker Water Pistol
    X-SHOT Water Blaster Stealth Soaker Water Gun is the best for ultimate soakage!

  90. River Run 2 Person
    Mesh bottom keeps you cool, built-in backrests for easy cruising, Large built in cooler, sits 2, easy to use connectors, 5 air chambers, 2 heavy duty handles and cup holders, all around grab rope and repair patch.

  91. River Run Tube
    The River Run has a mesh bottom to keep you cool on those hot days. It has 2 cup holders and a built in back rest for easy cruising .

  92. Giant Tyre Tube
    The Giant Tyre Tube features an authentic tread and sidewall design that will provide hours of enjoyment for the whole family.

  93. French Oars
    Paddle away with the Intex French Oars. Easy to assemble and the oars lock into compatible boat oar locks.

  94. Fun Goggles
    These fun goggles provide UV protection while your young ones swim this summer and they will love choosing the different fun designs.

    The Floating Bar is a great way to relax in the pool. Perfect for a lazy afternoon with friends.

  96. Speedo Mariner Junior Goggles
    Designed for junior swimmers aged 6-14 years, or adults with slimmer faces. These goggles have been designed for maximum comfort, fit, and vision.

  97. Speedo Mariner Goggles
    These goggles are part of our Active Essentials range and have been designed as a multi purpose recreational goggle designed for comfort.

  98. Speedo Sea Squad Junior Goggles
    These goggles are designed for junior swimmers learning how to swim. Quality, child-friendly goggles with easy adjustment.

  99. Speedo Jet Goggles
    These goggles are perfect for competitive and social use. Also includes Speedo's UV protection and Anti fog coating technology.

  100. Mega Chill
    Inflatable cooler for pool, deck or beach. 5 built-in cup holders and 2 trays. Complete with durable handles for moving easily.

  101. Explorer Boat Set 200
    The Explorer features two air chambers with double valves grab rope on bow, inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity, welded oar locks.

  102. Explorer Boat 1 Person Boat Set
    This luminescent boat features a grab rope on the bow, oar locks and a soft inflatable floor for easy cruising.

  103. Mini Eliminator Water Shooter
    The fun pocket rockets blasts a powerful jet of water which makes them ideal for any outdoor water environment.

  104. Spike n Splash Pool Volleyball Set 1
    Great fun in the pool, park or backyard. Commercial quality net will provide hours of fun for the whole family

  105. Pool Noodle Seat Basic
    The Pool Noodle Seat creatively uses the pool noodles and a comfortable mesh material to create a comfortable floating seat. Weight capacity of 60-70kg

  106. Wahu Big Fun Pack
    Your kids will be swimming like dolphins with the Wahu Big Fun Pack.

    The WaveRunner Mega Ball skims and bounces along the water. Perfect wherever water is found. Available in a variety of colours

    The WaveRunner 6.0 Ball skims and bounces along the water. Perfect wherever water is found. Available in a variety of colours

  109. Foam Knight Sword
    Made of durable foam material, these swords provide fun play for kids while ensuring safety.

  110. Wahu 3 in 1 Pool Party Game
    It's going to be three times the fun with the Wahu 3-in-one game pack this summer!

  111. Wahu Dive Stix
    The perfect way to develop dive skills and encourage confidence for young swimmers.

  112. Wahu Dive Streamers
    Watch these Wahu Dive Streamers plummet to the bottom of the pool then start duck diving!

  113. Treasure Hunter Dive Pack Orange
    This dive set is designed to rest on the bottom of the pool for the ultimate treasure hunt.

  114. Canvas Surf Rider
    The Canvas Surf Rider will allow you to ride the waves in comfort with canvas feel fabric, I-beam construction, and ropes with no-rust grommets.

  115. Water Shooter Plane Ride On
    Propeller style plane design, includes toy water gun, wide base for extra support, handle for added stability and repair patch.

  116. Cap Long Hair Assorted Adult

  117. Cap Polyester Assorted Junior

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