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How does an automatic robotic pool cleaner clean the pool?

Maytronics Filtrite and Dolphin robotic pool cleaners feature active scrubbing brushes that rotate and scrub the surface of your pool as it moves systematically around the pool. The durable all-terrain PVC brushes are suitable for all common pool surfaces. 

As the robot navigates the pool, debris is channeled into the large suction opening underneath the unit where it is then captured in the on-board filter. 

The wide vacuum opening ensures that the robot can manage heavy debris loads and most leaves.

These robots use smart computer programming and mechanical steering to move the cleaner purposely and effectively around the pool. Some models such as the Filtrite RC-4800 and RC-6000 and Dolphin Liberty 400, X20 and X6, can also climb the walls of your pool and up steps and ledges* (Depending on size and shape). 

Some models also feature PowerStream Mobility where the automatic robotic pool cleaner sends jets of water in various defined directions to move the robot sideways to scrub the walls and water line. The advanced microprocessor in the robot uses programmed logic to determine from which port to stream the water in order to manoeuvre the cleaner. 

All of these features and abilities make the Maytronics robots highly capable and effective pool cleaners.