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Pool Filters

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Pool filters are essential components

 in maintaining the cleanliness and 

clarity of pool water.

They are integral components of any swimming pool system, 

responsible for maintaining water clarity and cleanliness. 

They work by removing impurities and particles from the 

water, such as debris, dirt, leaves, bacteria, and algae.


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Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are a simple, compact and cost-effective solution to keeping your pool water clean. Cartridge filters contain a replaceable filtration element inside the housing that screens the water to remove dirt, debris, algae and bacteria. They are easy to install and don’t require backwashing like a media filter, which means they also minimise water losses from your pool. Check out Clark Rubber’s extensive range of brands, sizes and choice.

Media Filters

Media Filters, sometimes referred to as Sand Filters, are filled with a bed of fine particle sand, zeolite or glass which is used the strain the pool water as it is pushed by the pump through the filter, to remove the fine dirt, debris and algae. Media filters have an in-built ‘backwashing’ feature to make it simple, easy and fast to clean the filter.

Clark Rubber
Clark Rubber

Filtration Media

Media filters can utilise a variety of media beds to strain the dirt, debris and other foreign particulates from your pool water. Clark Rubber can provide a filtration media that is right for your pool and your budget, including sand, Zeolite and glass options.

If you need to replace a cartridge filter element, Clark Rubber can also assist to find the right one for your filter.

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