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Pool Media Filters

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Media filters are one of the most common filters in use by pool owners in Australia. They’re ideal for medium to large pools with a high volume of water to be filtered. These media filters use a bed of media such as glass, zeolite, or sand, to filter out fine dirt, debris and contaminants from your pool water. Depending on the type of media you choose in your filter, you can strain out contaminants down to a tiny 5-20 microns in size. 

Media filters utilise a convenient multi-port valve to give you control over the functions of the filter. When the media filter has reached its capacity of filtered contaminants, you can undertake a simple “backwash” cycle to clean out and remove the contaminants from the filter media. The filters we have are designed to survive the harsh Australian summer conditions and are made with quality materials and components. They’re robust and sturdy and are designed to keep your pool clean and healthy for many years to come. 

Get onto a pool media filter today. Check with our friendly staff to find out which size and model would best suit your pool, and enjoy summer in a clean, healthy, pool.