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These filters are some of the most popular filters in use by pool owners in Australia. They’re great for the smaller, backyard pools due to their size and portability, and of course, their ease of use.

These pool sand filters use a bed of sand, or glass, to filter fine dirt and debris from your pool water.

While you may think you’re just buying a backyard inflatable pool where you stick a hose in there and fill it up, inflatable pools are much more advanced and sustainable now. You can have filtered water, keeping your pool cleaner for longer, and saving you on water.

The filters we have are designed to survive the harsh Australian summer conditions. They’re sturdy, reliable, and portable, too, perfect for the backyard inflatable pools you’re going to buy from Clark Rubber.

The versatility of these pumps is a marvel. Take the Onga range of pool sand filters, for example. They filter the water, they can remove wastewater, prevent backwash into the hose system, and filter and recirculate the water, all without you lifting a finger.

Get onto a pool sand filter today. Check with our friendly staff which size and model would best suit your pool, and enjoy summer in a clean, cool, pool.