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Kids love pools. The playing and the splashing, keeping cool while enjoying time in the sun, protected with 50 UV cream, of course.

Clark Rubber has a wondrous range of kids' inflatable pools available for you. Lots of colours, some with sun shades included. We have rainbows and unicorns, inflatable pool slides, and so much more!

These pools make fantastic Christmas presents for the young ones. Set it up before lunch, and watch the kids frolicking away on the back lawn in their brand new pool all afternoon.

Add to the fun with some water toys, such as noodles, floaties, kickboards and more.

Our inflatable pools are incredibly easy to set up and take down. Most models can be inflated and filled with water within a short time, providing instant entertainment for children. When not in use, they can be deflated, folded up, and stored compactly, saving space in your backyard.

In terms of safety, inflatable pools are typically shallow, reducing the risk of accidents, especially for younger children. Parents can keep a close eye on their kids in these pools, ensuring a secure and supervised environment for water play.