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Any car guy or gal knows how important seals are to keeping your car in pristine, weatherproof condition. These relatively simple and inexpensive multipurpose rubber seals can be used around doors, windows, boots and bonnets.

No matter what kind of sealing you require, Clark Rubber can help. Our seals are made of rubber with a high-density EPDM material that effectively eliminates vibration and noise. EPDM is also great for protecting your vehicle from dust, rain, moisture, and other irritants that can damage your car.

Be sure to also check out our complete automotive section for automotive accessories, hoses, and flooring. As a trusted retailer specialising in rubber since 1946, Clark Rubber has supported the everyday Australian for over ¾ of a century. When you shop with us, you can shop with confidence. Come down to one of our stores or shop online today and have your items shipped to your doorstep.