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A pool liner is an essential addition to an above ground swimming pool. Quite simply, without it, the pool can't hold the water inside. As well as maintaining the structural integrity, it also provides a protective barrier while preventing leaks. 

Our pool liners are durable and tough, having been designed specifically for harsh Australian conditions. They are made from quality PVC (with 0.5mm thickness) for circular or oval shaped pools. They are compatible with the portable pools available at Clark Rubber as well as all other major brands. In case of damage, our liners come with a 12 month pool liner replacement warranty, as well as an additional 4-year pro rata warranty.

To maintain a safe and healthy pool to swim in, it’s crucial that you keep your pool clean all year round. At Clark Rubber, we have a range of chlorine products for all types of swimming pools and spas. You can choose from liquid, tabular, or granular chlorine treatments for daily maintenance or for shock treatments that kill algae and bacteria instantly on contact.

On top of chlorine to sterilise your pool, you also need to frequently clean it and we have a selection of robot, suction or handheld pool cleaners that will suit any pool or budget.

Did you know you can make the job of cleaning your pool less of a chore by covering your pool over when not in use? Pool covers keep organic matter like insects or leaves out of the water as well as retaining heat, preventing water evaporation and even reducing the amount of chlorine required, saving you money on pool cleaning and heating.