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These pool maintenance supplies and accessories will keep your swimming pool or spa clean and safe in all seasons. From robotic pool cleaners to electric pumps for inflatable pools, underwater lights and other pool accessories, you can find everything you need to enjoy your pool to the fullest in our online catalogue. Alternately, you can come on down to one of our stores.

Pool cleaning accessories

A dirty pool is a hazard and a bother. Make pool cleaning a pleasure with our quality and intuitive pool cleaning accessories:

  • Scoop out leaves and other fallen debris with our purpose-built tools.
  • Cut down on pool maintenance altogether with a roller or cover that will protect your water from the elements. Our pool covers can come in either standard or custom sizes.
  • Whether you're installing a new swimming pool or your old liner's damaged, we've got pool liners in all sizes for above ground and circular pools, made from quality PVC and built specifically for Australian conditions.

Pool chemicals

If you own a pool, it’s important that you keep the appropriate pool chemicals on hand. That’s true when you’re filling up the water for the first time, and no less true for keeping your pool safe all the year-round.

Water testing kits make it easy to check the pH and chemical balance of your pool. If you need to replace or upgrade pipes and other connections, make sure you've got all the spare parts you need for every job. We can help you to find the right testing kits, chemicals, and spare parts for your pool.

Once the pool is clean, it’s time to have fun!

When you've taken care of the essentials, you can check out our range of slides and games to make backyard and public swimming pools even more enjoyable. In addition to cleaning chemicals and accessories, we stock a wide range of inflatable toys and games.

Check out our online store for pool chemicals, accessories, covers and toys.