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Relax and spend more time enjoying your pool, not cleaning it, with an advanced robotic pool cleaner; the easiest way to maintain a clean pool.

> Advanced Cleaning Tech

Automatic robotic pool cleaners are popular for their simple set up, low energy consumption, exceptional cleaning ability and high pool coverage.

Driven by electric motors, using programmed navigation and employing on-board filtration, robots are the future of hassle-free pool cleaning.

> Superior Navigation & Coverage

Robots don’t move randomly around the pool. Instead, Maytronics Filtrite and Dolphin robots have clever software programming called CleverClean™ to provide a systematic cleaning approach for maximum pool coverage. 

This programming maps the pool to determine the most efficient cleaning route at any given time.

> Low power consumption

Using an automatic robotic pool cleaner can lower your pool running costs. 

A Maytronics Filtrite or Dolphin robotic cleaner uses around 0.18kW of power to drive it around your pool, yet a suction cleaner requires a pump running on average at around 1 to 1.5kw to drive it, that’s around 80% less power.

Clark Rubber’s range of Robotic Pool Cleaners features Filtrite and Dolphin models by Maytronics. This extensive range has a robot to suit your specific pool, your preferences, and your budget.

Battery-powered appliances are now becoming more common in the modern world and battery technology has come along in leaps and bounds.

Now, Maytronics has brought battery technology to the Dolphin range with the Liberty 400 cordless robotic pool cleaner.

The new Liberty 400 provides Dolphin’s typical quality and cleaning power, with cord-free convenience, simple operation, as well as App settings and notifications

See the model lineup below to make your choice. 

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Maytronics Filtrite and Dolphin robotic pool cleaners feature active scrubbing brushes that rotate and scrub the surface of your pool as it moves systematically around the pool. The durable all-terrain PVC brushes are suitable for all common pool surfaces. 

As the robot navigates the pool, debris is channeled into the large suction opening underneath the unit where it is then captured in the on-board filter. 

The wide vacuum opening ensures that the robot can manage heavy debris loads and most leaves.

These robots use smart computer programming and mechanical steering to move the cleaner purposely and effectively around the pool. Some models such as the Filtrite RC-4800 and RC-6000 and Dolphin Liberty 400, X20 and X6, can also climb the walls of your pool and up steps and ledges* (Depending on size and shape). 

Some models also feature PowerStream Mobility where the automatic robotic pool cleaner sends jets of water in various defined directions to move the robot sideways to scrub the walls and water line. The advanced microprocessor in the robot uses programmed logic to determine from which port to stream the water in order to manoeuvre the cleaner. 

All of these features and abilities make the Maytronics robots highly capable and effective pool cleaners.

Ultimately a robotic pool cleaner is a travelling filter that provides improved water circulation and adds filtration capacity for a cleaner pool and clearer pool water.

Unlike suction pool cleaners, robot cleaners carry their own filter on-board. This is an important feature because it means the debris collected by the robot doesn’t get captured in the pump’s basket and the pool’s filter, which means less backwashing and filter cleaning. In fact, using a Filtrite robotic pool cleaner can reduce media filter backwashing by 33%, therefore saving water and money on top up chemicals.

The on-board filters can be easily removed via a top access lid. The debris can be simply emptied, and the filter hosed off before returning to the cleaner to start again. 

Even our basic robotic pool cleaner models feature fine-level filtration, however models such as the Filtrite RC-4800, RC-6000 and Dolphin X6 feature ultra-fine filtration; ideal for those pools frequently dealing with fine dust, pollens and particles.

Yes! Using a robotic pool cleaner can lower your pool running costs. 

A Filtrite robotic pool cleaner is significantly more efficient in cleaning your pool than a suction cleaner because a suction cleaner requires the pump to be running in order for it to operate.

For example, a Filtrite robot uses around 0.18kW of power to drive it around your pool, yet a suction cleaner requires a pump running on average at around 1 to 1.5kw to drive it; that’s around 80% less power.  

That means over the course of a year, a Filtrite or Dolphin robotic cleaner running an average of 3 hours per day, could save you over 1,000 kW of power compared to the equivalent cleaning time of a suction cleaner.

Robotic pool cleaners are available with different levels of features and specifications, with one to suit your particular pool and budget.

Clark Rubber have basic models such as the RC-2500 designed for cleaning the floors on small pools and modular above ground pools.

Our range also includes the RC-4800 that covers the floors, walls and waterline of larger pools and features built-in timers and ultra-fine filtration.

Advanced models such as the feature-packed RC-6000 and Dolphin X6, include high-capacity filters, remote smartphone programming and control, multi-function controller and a convenient storage caddy that are the ultimate in automatic pool cleaning.

And now battery technology is available from a Dolphin, with the Liberty 400 cordless robotic cleaner. This is the latest technology from Maytronics, offering the convenience of cord-free cleaning. 

Use the Robot Cleaner guide below to assist you in comparing and selecting one of our models or talk to your Clark Rubber pool professional about finding the right pool cleaner for your needs.

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