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If you want that plush or firm feeling without buying a new single mattress, add additional support and comfort with a single mattress topper. Designed to protect your mattress while providing extra support, toppers extend the life of your mattress and protects from dirt while increasing the firmness and improving your comfort. We have a range of toppers; including latex, graphene-infused foam, FusionGel, and copper-infused memory foam. 

Copper is a completely natural and environmentally friendly mineral that serves as a required nutrient in many ecosystems. Copper naturally provides protection against viruses and microbial growth. The high conductivity of copper helps to dissipate excess body heat, providing a cooler and more comfortable environment.

Our FusionGel toppers combine the pressure-relieving comfort of our superior memory foam with the support of gel particles. It helps to align the spine, relieving pressure point aches, and regulating body temperature, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and energized. 

Graphene toppers have heat-regulating properties and offer exceptional comfort. Graphene helps to increase airflow through the foam allowing heat to escape more easily.

Each single mattress topper includes a machine-washable Tencel cover, making them perfect for caravans and holiday homes.

If you need extra support and want added comfort for your single mattress, or simply extend the life of your mattress, browse our selection of single mattress toppers online, or visit your local Clark Rubber store. While you're browsing, check out our range of mattress protectorssheet sets, and quilts