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Whether you’re soundproofing a room, repairing a chair, or just taking some time for arts and crafts, foam shapes always come in handy. A soft and lightweight material, foam pieces are easy to flex, cut and transform to suit a huge variety of purposes.

Home repairs and projects with foam inserts are a breeze. Tired, worn-out sofa seats can easily be brought back to life with square cushion foam, while you can also give extra comfort to mattresses, boat seats, and other types of furniture. Other shapes, such as wedge and cylinder-shaped foam, can be used as a simple way to provide extra back support and posture adjustment to seats in the home office or lounge. 

For audiophiles and cinema buffs, foam is a great way to improve sound quality. By dampening reverb and removing unwanted sounds, convoluted foam styles allow you to hear pitch-perfect representations of music and films. Acoustic foam pieces can also be a great addition to office meeting rooms and any space in which reducing noise is ideal. 

Repairs and craft projects can benefit from our wide range of foam shapes, sheets and fillings. Crumb foam is a robust alternative to polyester fibre for stuffed toys, while peeled foam is a versatile style ideal for everything from office partitions to ironing board covers. Whatever your purpose, our vast selection of foam has something for everyone.