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Whether you need a comfortable bed for unexpected guests or want to enjoy a good night's sleep while camping, air beds or inflatable mattresses are the best portable sleep solutions for your needs. Our quality and affordable blow-up mattresses come in various sizes and heights, including single, queen, and king, with air pumps, self-inflating valves, and built-in pillows, you'll find a versatile mattress to suit your lifestyle.

 Our inflatablecamping mattresses are designed with the outdoors in mind. They're durable, comfortable, and quick to inflate or deflate. Whether you're roughing it in the bush or on a relaxing road trip, our waterproof air beds will keep your sleeping bags and swags dry. Our lightweight mattresses with built-in pillows are incredibly compact when you need to save precious room in the car. Our premium air beds will keep you higher off the ground for a supportive and satisfying sleep outside.

 Have an easily inflatable bed ready to go when your guests stay the night, our mattresses with a built-in electric pump will make a quick guest bed. Our standard design is a perfectly sized kids airbed, while our velvet top mattress is better suited for adult guests, your friends will sleep so well they'll never complain about sleeping on an air bed again.

 Visit your closest Clark Rubber store to explore our range of air beds, inflatable mattresses, and blow-up beds. If you have any questions, our friendly and experienced team will be able to assist you with all your foam and mattress needs.