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Pool Cartridge Filters

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To maintain the health and quality of the water in your pool, a pool cartridge filter is another popular choice in Australia. These filters are typically used on small to medium sized pools and have simple plumbing requirements. Cartridge filters are simple devices that contain a pleated filtration element to strain and clean algae, dirt and debris from your pool water. Cartridge filters are also capable of working well at a low water flow, so they’re perfect for use with a variable-speed pool pump. When the pleated element has reached its filtration capacity, it is simply removed from the filter body and cleaned off by hosing it down. Cartridge filters are smaller and more compact than media filters, and so are ideal for   hiding them under your deck or to squeeze into more confined spaces. Cartridge filters require less water to clean the filter element than a media filter, so you can save water and money on your water bills!

View our range of quality cartridge filters and replacement elements we have in stock and talk to a Clark Rubber pool professional about selecting the right size and model for you pool.