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If you need a comfortable bed for the guestroom, or your teen has outgrown their single bed, a double mattress is essential. They're affordable compared to a queen or king-sized mattress, perfect for smaller bedrooms. Lucky for you, Clark Rubber has an extensive range of double foam mattresses to suit your needs and budget.

 When upsizing to a double mattress, choosing the right firmness is important. Selecting between a firm, medium, or soft mattress will depend on your sleeping position. A medium-firm bed will support your spine and neck if you sleep on your back. If you sleep on your stomach, choose a firm mattress, whereas a softer mattress is best if you sleep on your side.

 Double mattresses are ideal for smaller spaces, making them perfect for camping and caravanning. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or take the caravan out a few times each year, select from a range of double mattress thicknesses. Each mattress includes a machine washable cover to easily remove and clean up even the dirtiest camping adventures.

 Our standard range includes comfortable and affordable foam mattresses for kids or guests. In comparison, our premium and deluxe beds are a luxurious choice for adults and teens. All our double mattresses feature quality materials to provide comfort and support. If you need help selecting a double mattress, our friendly and experienced team will answer your questions.