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Having a pool or spa is great fun until the water starts to look more like a swamp than the pristine clear water you started with.

Maintaining the balance and cleanliness of your water is essential to enjoying your pool or spa all year round, keeping your family and friends safe, and for protecting the surfaces and equipment from damage.

The chemicals you need for your pool and spa will depend on its usage, its construction, its surfaces, the local environment and even its equipment.

To get the right advice and chemicals to keep your water clean, balanced and maintained, ensure that you get regular professional water tests, particularly during the summer.

Every Clark Rubber store has state of the art water testing systems and can provide you with a free water analysis followed by professional advice and recommendations to keep your pool and spa water in good health.

Clark Rubber stocks a full range of high quality pool and spa chemicals to address all common problems and water treatment needs.

We have a large range of chlorine sanitiser and shock treatments for the control of bacteria and algae and other organic matter.  For pool and spa owners with asthma and skin allergy sufferers, Clark Rubber also stocks a range of safe and gentle chlorine-free Sanit-eezy sanitisers.

Keeping a pool clean requires more than just sanitisers and pool cleaning equipment. Maintaining the water balance with balancers is a crucial responsibility of a pool owner to ensure bather comfort and to prevent cloudy water, corrosion, and staining.

A “balanced” pool or spa typically relates to keeping five water components; Total Alkalinity, pH, Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids and Stabiliser in the right levels.