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Summer is finally here and you are ready to relax by the pool or the lake. Stay cool and refreshed with Clark Rubber's selection of inflatable pool lounges and pool coolers so you can enjoy the poolside experience to the fullest this summer.

Our selection of floating pool coolers and inflatable pool lounges allow you to lounge in comfort and convenience whilst simultaneously keeping your refreshments close at hand. 

The inflatable pool lounges by Clark Rubber are made with high-quality, durable, and puncture-resistant materials, from classic single-seat recliners to spacious multiple occupancy loungers, there's an inflatable lounge to suit every need. Some also feature built-in cup holders and detachable canopies for added convenience.

Our inflatable pool lounges are also incredibly easy to inflate and deflate, which makes them perfect for quick set-up and pack-up. These inflatable chairs allow you to float and glide across the water while partially submerged in the pool, for ultimate tranquillity and relaxation. And with inflatable pool coolers floating nearby, you can keep your favourite drinks cold at all times.

Whether you prefer a reclining chair or a more upright seating position, we have a variety of options to accommodate different wants and needs. They provide head support and comfort, so you can stay upright and afloat while sitting back with your feet up instead of tiring yourself out. After all, our inflatable lounges are meant to be relaxing.

To further enhance your poolside relaxation this summer, Clark Rubber presents an assortment of pool float coolers designed specifically for aquatic adventures. These coolers are designed to keep your beverages and snacks chilled while you lounge in the sun. They make sure your beverages stay cold and easily accessible while your kids play on their ride-ons and you kick back in the water.

Never be poolside without your favourite beverages again with our selection of inflatable coolers. And for more fun in the sun, browse through the rest of our summer stock. From boats and kayaks to inflatable kid’s pools and pool toys and games, we’ve got something for the whole family.

Shop with us today and find everything you need to relax and enjoy the summer.