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At Clark Rubber, we stock a wide range of foam products to suit your DIY needs. If you’re creating something for your home with foam, you’ll need a foam adhesive to bond your project together. 

Our foam adhesive spray, Super Grab Spray, is suitable for foam, fabric, MDF, plywood, carpet, and plastic. As its name suggests, it grabs with gusto for long-lasting results. It’s waterproof and fast-drying, so you can get that DIY job done in a weekend! It’s made with a low odour formula, so you won’t have to deal with any nauseating smells while using it. 

Are you updating your general upholstery? Making a bed for your favourite furry friend? Upgrading the comfort level in your caravan or camper trailer? You’ll need a selection of custom-cut foam pieces, peeled foam for an extra layer of luxury, and a strong bonding foam adhesive spray. 

Do you need a packaging and storage solution for your precious instruments or tools? Clark Rubber’s pre-cut foam shapes and foam adhesive spray will help you create a custom solution for your packaging project. 

Foam adhesive sprays are specifically designed to:

  • cover a large area quickly and evenly
  • age without yellowing the foam
  • preserve – not dissolve - the foam 

A strong foam adhesive is crucial to the success of any project using foam – from foam crumb to custom-cut foam pieces. Remember to grab some foam adhesive spray when you next pop into Clark Rubber to stock up on foam for your DIY project.