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If you’ve always dreamt of having a pool in your backyard, it might be easier than you think. We have all the temporary pool and pool accessories you need to get set up so you can look forward to a cooler summer.

Get started by looking at our collection of portable pools, which range from smaller, frameless pools to larger pools with solid steel frames. 
Some of the pools already come with pumps and air filters installed but if you are in need of a new or replacement pump for your pool, we can help you choose the right one to ensure that your pool stays clean and healthy. Another way that you can keep your pool clean is with the use of a pool cover
Installing a pool cover can save you time and money when it comes to pool maintenance. Not only is it a simple way to keep insects and leaves out of your pool, but it also reduces the need for chemicals, prevents evaporation, and helps to retain heat in the pool.


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Safety is, of course, a priority when it comes to having a pool in your backyard. For the bigger swimming pools, you need to make sure everyone can get in and out of the pool safely. 

All our pool ladders have sturdy, rust-resistant frames with anti-slip steps, and they can be easily detached and moved around for convenience.

Don’t let another heat wave get the best of you. You and your family will be kicking off your shoes and making a splash in no time with the range of pools and pool accessories here at Clark Rubber.

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