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Have you tested your pool water lately?

To maintain a clean, safe, and healthy swimming environment it is important that you use the correct pool chemicals and regularly test your pool/spa water.

Free Professional Pool or Spa Water Testing and Analysis at Clark Rubber

To maintain a clean, safe, and healthy swimming environment it is important that you use the correct pool chemicals and regularly test your pool/spa water.
Every Clark Rubber store has a professional water test station with state-of-the-art water analysers and software and can provide a free test with prompt and accurate information about the quality of your water. 

With that information, our Clark Rubber pool professionals can offer recommendations about how to manage your pool and spa with the right products like pool chemicals, pool clarifiers, pool stain removal, and maintenance.

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Maintaining a healthy swimming Pool or Spa

Maintaining a healthy pool or spa involves knowledge and management of these areas as well and seeking professional advice and quality products from your local Clark Rubber store:

  • Undertaking regular water testing
  • Balancing your water
  • Sanitising your water
  • Avoiding and fixing green pools
  • Pool clarifier and flocculants
  • Protecting your pool surfaces and pool stain removal

The water testing process:

A water test will tell you everything you need to know about the health of your pool water in only 60 Seconds .

It’s actually a simple process but it does require the right equipment and the right expertise.

  1. First you need to collect a sample of water from about an arm’s length below the water surface and bring it to your nearest Clark Rubber store.
  2. Clark Rubber then uses state of the art testing equipment with special reagents and software to analyse the water to provide a high level of detail about the water chemistry.
  3. After the water analysis our pool professional can present a report showing you what the critical levels are in your pool, which ones are in the proper range and which ones are out of range and need treatment.
  4. We will the provide recommendations for the chemicals you will need to treat your water chemistry and to get your water back to health.

What we need to know at your Water Test:

When you come to Clark Rubber for your water test we’ll need to ask you some questions about your pool/spa to ensure we can give the right recommendations and advice such as:

  • The volume of water in your pool or spa.
  • The type of surface of your pool or spa (i.e. Pebblecrete, fibreglass, tiled, vinyl-lined, concrete etc.).
  • If you have a salt/mineral pool and what the recommended salt range is for the Chlorinator.
  • If you have a chlorine pool, we’ll need to know which type of chlorine you would generally use (i.e. Calcium Hypochlorite, Stabilised Trichlor, Stabilised Dichlor etc).
  • We’ll also ask you about how your pool/spa is looking i.e. Is the water looking green or cloudy?

Have More Questions?

It is not uncommon to find that your pool water has become cloudy, this can be caused by poor filtration and factors such as rain, wind, contaminants and sunscreens. After a storm it’s also common to find that your pool is dirty and murky after contaminated water has entered the pool.

 The right treatment for your pool may depend on the water balance and the type of filter you have.

Clark Rubber has an extensive range of quality pool clarifiers and flocculants that will help you fix your cloudy pool. 

  • Filtrite 4-in-1 Pool Clarifier: Is a multi-purpose clarifier. It combines suspended particles and allows them to filter out but also effective at clearing oily sun lotions and scum lines to restore sparkling, clear water and improve filtration efficiency. 
  • Filtrite Pool Clarifier: A convenient ready-to-use liquid designed to clear cloudy water by combining suspended particulates and then filtering them out. Its fast acting and effective on fine particulates. 
  • Filtrite Supa Floc: A convenient ready-to-use liquid designed to treat extreme cloudiness by combining suspended solids and allowing the larger particles to fall to the floor to be vacuumed.  
  • Filtrite Flocculent: A granular formula designed to treat extreme cloudiness by combining suspended solids and allowing the larger particles to fall to the floor to be vacuumed.  
  • Filtrite Pool Clarifier Pill: Convenient and easy to use one-dose tablet designed to give your clean pool that that extra sparkle. 
  • Filtrite Filtre Cleaner & Degreaser: To clean and rejuvenate your cartridge filter element or media filter bed after use of pool clarifiers and flocculants.

Check out our range of Filtrite Clarifiers and Flocculants here.

To ensure a healthy pool or spa you must maintain the “balance” of the water.

Pool and Spa water that is out of balance can lead to corrosion of equipment, scaling and stains on pool surfaces and equipment, skin irritations on bathers and reduced sanitiser effectiveness. 

To get your pool or spa water balanced is not difficult or onerous, but it does involve managing the “chemistry” of your pool water in the following areas:

  • Total Alkalinity levels
  • pH levels
  • Calcium Harness
  • Chlorine stabiliser
  • Total Dissolved Solids.

At Clark Rubber, we have a complete range of quality balancing products for pools and spas to get your perfect balance, spot on such as:

  • Dry and liquid acid for pH reduction
  • pH Increaser
  • pH buffer
  • Calcium harness increaser

Check out our range here.

Keeping your pool water sanitised and disinfected is imperative to ensuring a clean and healthy bathing environment for your family and friends. 

The pool water must always have a residual sanitiser present that will kill bacteria that could otherwise make you ill.

Bacteria can enter Pool and Spa water via animal waste, human waste, dust, insects, and rainwater for example. 

There are a number of different ways to sanitise your pool / spa and it can take a number of forms. 

Common sanitisers are chlorines, automatic salt-water chlorinators and even non-chlorine sanitisers such as Biguanide.

At Clark Rubber, we have a complete range of sanitising and oxidising products, as well as salt-water chlorinators to suit your needs and preferences.

Check out our sanitising solutions here.

A green pool is not only unsightly, it is an unhealthy environment for bathing. A green pool is caused by algae and is a very common problem that must be treated immediately.

It is good practice to have a proactive maintenance program that keeps the algae at bay and provides an algae-free environment all-year around.

Algae problems can be caused by contaminants brought into the water by rain, wind, cleaning equipment and even on the bathers themselves.

Factors such as high temperatures, unbalanced water and the presence of phosphates and nitrates in the water can cause algae to bloom swiftly and get out of control. 

There are a few common types of algae found in pools such as green algae, blue-green algae, black algae, mustard algae and black spot algae; all of which can be treated with the quality products at Clark Rubber.

If you get an algae bloom that is left untreated, you might be faced with a high cost for the pool chemicals needed to treat the green pool. 

Clark Rubber has an Algaecide for all your “green pool” needs:

  • Filtrite Algygone: A long-life copper-based algaecide to maintain an algae-free pool
  • Filrite Ultimate Algaecide: An all-purpose algaecide designed to eradicate common algae-blooms
  • Filtrite Extreme Algaecide: A powerful formula with addition of copper to remove algae blooms and provide ongoing protection. 
  • Filtrite Black Spot Algaecide: Specifically designed to treat Black Spot and surface algae blooms in pebblecrete, white plaster and tiled pools.

Check out our range of Filtrite algaecide solutions here.

Finding stains on the surfaces of your pool and spa can be frustrating and annoying, but there is help at hand.

Stains may be caused my metal elements in the water, organic matter degrading in the pool, calcium deposits and even black spot algae. 

Clark Rubber can help you identify the type of stains you have and what is causing them. 

Clark Rubber also has proactive maintenance treatments to prevent staining from occurring, as well as pool stain removal.

Filtrite Guardian 3 in 1 is a multi-purpose treatment that is ideal for keeping stains at bay. Guardian protects your pool and equipment from scale build up and stain deposits by keeping calcium and metals in solution so they don’t attach to the surfaces. Guardian is ideal for people running mineral pools and using bore and dam water to top up their pool. 

Filtrite Stain Eliminator is perfect for treating emerging or tough stains and getting your pool back to looking its best. 

Check out our Guardian 3 in 1 and Stain Eliminator here.

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