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Pool sand filters are very popular in Australia. They are economical and can filter your pools of a lot of contaminants. But with all types of filters, eventually, they fill up with dirt and algae and will need changing.

Clark Rubber has a variety of media for your filter, such as glass filter, both coarse and fine grade, and Unicorn brand pool filter sand.

Pool filter sand is highly effective at capturing and removing impurities from the water. It's fine grain size allows for efficient filtration, trapping debris, dirt, and even microscopic particles, leaving the pool water crystal clear and safe for swimming. This efficiency reduces the need for frequent backwashing and saves both water and energy.

Pool filter sand is a cost-effective filtration medium that provides reliable performance without breaking the bank. This makes it accessible to a wide range of pool owners, regardless of their budget.

Find other pool cleaning supplies on our website, and have a great summer in the water. Remember to be safe and alert around water at all times.