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Pool media filters are very common in Australia and popular for their convenience. Granular filter media is a highly effective way to capture and remove the unwanted impurities from your pool water. The fine grain size allows for efficient filtration, trapping debris, dirt, and even microscopic particles, leaving the pool water crystal clear and safe for swimming. Clark Rubber has a variety of media for your filter, such as glass and filter sand. Traditional filter sand is a tried and tested media for straining contaminants from your pool water. Glass media is a newer, more advanced filtration media with higher filtration performance, and lower water wastage than filter sand. The Viron glass media stocked at Clark Rubber is also “actively charged” to improve the attraction of organic debris and to improve the removal of contaminants from the pool water.

Whether you are replacing your filter media, or choosing a media for your brand-new filter, Clark Rubber can give you the advice you need to make the right selection for you and your pool. Find other pool cleaning supplies on our website and have a great summer in the water. Remember to be safe and alert around water at all times.