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Handheld pool cleaners

Designed for user-friendly and efficient maintenance, Clark Rubber’s range of handheld suction pool cleaners makes it simple to keep your pool in pristine condition. They're also compact, making them easy to store and suitable for smaller or irregularly shaped pools.

The high-powered rechargeable pool suction cleaners feature interchangeable ergonomic handles allowing you to clean those hard-to-reach sections. That means effortlessly removing debris, scrubbing away algae, and skimming leaves from the walls, floors, and surfaces.

As a result, you can relax and swim in crystal-clear water with minimal effort.

High-quality handheld pool cleaners

Wondering which pool cleaner to get? 

Vektro Mini Rechargeable Handheld Pool Cleaner

The Vektro Mini Rechargeable Handheld Pool Cleaner is designed for easy pool maintenance. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the capacity to operate for 30 minutes continuously. 

This pool suction cleaner also includes a pivoting suction head with side brushes, a brush nozzle for hard-to-reach areas, and a stainless-steel filter for debris collection. 

Perfect for small pools and spas and can reach depths up to 2 metres.

Vektro Junior Rechargeable Handheld Pool Cleaner

The Vektro Junior Rechargeable Handheld Pool Cleaner offers powerful cleaning with its lithium-ion battery and a runtime of 30 minutes. 

It features an ergonomic handle with a telescopic pole connector, a pivoting suction head with side and underside brushes, and a brush nozzle for thorough cleaning. Its debris capacity is 0.55L, and it includes a stainless-steel filter for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Perfect for medium-sized pools and spas,

Vektro Pro Rechargeable Handheld Pool Cleaner

The Vektro Pro Rechargeable Handheld Pool Cleaner is an advanced solution for comprehensive pool cleaning.

It features a high-powered lithium-ion battery with a 90-minute lifespan, making it efficient for larger cleaning tasks. The cleaner includes an ergonomic handle with a telescopic pole connector, a pivoting suction head with underside brushes, and a large-capacity filter for collecting debris. 

Perfect for medium to large pools and spas.

Prefer a hands-off approach?

If handheld pool cleaners aren’t for you, we have another option for you to explore. Robotic cleaners automate pool cleaning with advanced navigation and brushing technology. 

Seeking expertise and guidance?

At Clark Rubber, we're committed to providing top-quality pool cleaning solutions. Our experts are here to guide you in selecting the best handheld pool cleaner. Browse our full range of pool cleaners.