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If you have a pool, then you’ll agree that pool safety is a priority, especially if you have children. At Clark Rubber, we have various above ground pool ladders that make it safe and easy for anyone to get in and out of your pool.

All our pool ladders have sturdy frames with firmly fastened, anti-slip steps on each side. This makes entering or exiting your pool effortless. The deluxe models also have an additional safety feature so you can fold up the outside steps to prevent children entering the pool on their own.

Our range of ladders are suitable for most above ground portable pools between 91cm and 1.3m in height. As the coated steel frames are durable and rust-resistant, they can be left out in the elements or quickly detached and removed from the pool area to be stored away easily.

When your pool isn’t in use, don’t forget to use a pool cover to keep dirt and leaves out of the water. They also help to reduce the number of chemicals required, retain heat, and prevent water evaporation. Even with a pool cover, you will, of course, still need to check that your pool water is kept sanitized and healthy. The use of pool chlorinators is a convenient and reliable way to automatically control the chlorine in your pool. Cleaning a pool can be a chore, but you can make things easier with our selection of robot, suction, or handheld pool cleaners that will suit any pool or budget.